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Ace Troubleshooter - It's Never Enough (2004)

Average User Rating: 7.67 out of 10
Total votes: 3 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 3

1. Ball & Chain
2. Anything
3. Jasmine
4. Make It Right
5. Seaside
6. Turn Round
7. My Defense
8. Helen Burns
9. Tempest
10. Hoping
11. Don't Do It
12. So Long

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Posted on 07-17-2005 by DKelly
Has anyone noticed that each CD has at least one song named after a girl? This one has a song called "Jasmine", the second CD has "Amanda" and "Estella", and the first one has "Denise". Interesting fact.

This is a great CD. "Ball and Chain" and "Tempest" are the best songs.

Posted on 07-30-2006 by tl_guitarnut
I really like this cd, they have definitly stepped it up

Posted on 11-06-2004 by Skeeter
This album brings out the rock in a big way. While not as readily accessible as [i]The Madness of the Crows[/i], [i]It's Never Enough[/i] grows on you quickly. Standout tracks include "Ball & Chain," "Jasmine," "My Defense," and "Don't Do It Again." The fantastic songwriting of John Warne is readily apparent here, as he tackles romantic relationships from all angles (though other subjects slip there way in as well). Lyrical hooks run rampant, and you'll find yourself singing them often as you go through your day.

I give this album high praises, but it doesn't quite match up to [i]The Madness of the Crowds[/i]. Some of the songs blend together, mostly because of the similar guitar tones. "Seaside" and "Helen Burns" break this up in a fine way though. It rates an 8: great and definitely worth the purchase, but not as fantastic as a 9, nor perfect like a 10.

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