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Dogwood - Seismic (2003)

Average User Rating: 8 out of 10
Total votes: 4 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 4

1. Seismic
2. Selfish Americans
3. Conscience In A Cave
4. Sunsets Are But Once A Day
5. Absolution
6. Here Is Here
7. Your Toung Is The Deadliest Of Arrows
8. Trailer Full Of Tragedies
9. Faith
10. What Matters
11. Last Of The Lost
12. Crushing

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Posted on 01-27-2005 by Symbiotic
Too short...but pretty good...the guy even learned to sing a bit better than the other albums' frog croak...i like it...gets 6

Posted on 11-06-2004 by Skeeter
Punk rock is a dying breed. Fortunately there's still Dogwood around to keep the faith. There is absolutely zero pop in this punk.

The songwriting on this album is superb. Josh Kemble does not shy from complex ideas and big words in this wonderful brand of punk rock. The album starts off with the fantastic line "This union with divine creation is a brilliant coronet" letting you know right from the beginning that you're in for something a little different from most punk bands.

The high quality lyrics continue throughout, speaking of the fallen nature of mankind, the love of God, freedom, and the trials of faith. My favorite song from the album is "Absolution" which speaks powerfully of forgiveness and freedom: "Don't let the fact that you've been weak before control you from inside."

This album deserves to be in the collection of every punk fan out there. It gets a well-deserved 9 from me.

Posted on 11-08-2004 by punkrock_metal
Well they have settled down a lot since their previous cds. Their tone is a little less punk and a little more melodic pop punk. Over all it's a pretty good cd. I would recommend it to any Dogwood fan and anyone else who likes pop punk.

Posted on 11-30-2004 by hiskey
dogwood again has come through with the most unique album to date from them..the style has really matured along with the lyrics..when in doubt there's alwaysa dogwood song to appeal to me..the lyrics are deep and the beat is stellar..i cant wait for there next cd..

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