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Sanctus Real - Fight the Tide (2004)

Average User Rating: 8.87 out of 10
Total votes: 52 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 29

1. Everything About You
2. The Fight Song
3. Alone
4. Things Like You
5. Closer
6. Change Me
7. The Show
8. Messages
9. Deeds
10. You Can't Hide
11. Where Will They Go
12. Say Goodbye
13. Everything About You

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Posted on 01-04-2006 by Falcon-fever777
this cd is great. ihighly recomend it.

Posted on 01-26-2005 by coolguy4553
this cd is awesome...........its the first cd of theres i have......and i must say they are outstanding......10 out of 10

Posted on 03-06-2005 by bleached
i love this cd! i like all the songs a lot. i don't yet have say it loud but i really want it. i think my favorite song is the fight song but i really love change me and i really love all the songs.

Posted on 03-06-2005 by crosseyed04
Excellent CD not one bad song. i'm with the last person on the fact that the fight song is my favorite. i like the title track to... well and every other song on the CD.

Posted on 03-08-2005 by Megster
I looooooove this cd... I never would have picked it up for myself as I had never listened to the band before. but then I won an autographed copy through a contest and woooot I am SO glad I did. I love every single song on this cd :clap: :yep: My favourite song would have to be the fight song...but it's hard to play favs on this cd.

Posted on 03-08-2005 by jc-16
there pretty good :yep:

Posted on 03-09-2005 by .natalie.
im a fan of sanctus real.. i loved say it loud.. but i was not as impressed with fight the tide.. it was good.. but i feel like the first one is better for some reason..

Posted on 03-26-2005 by G180
not much i can say bout this cd except it rocked :yep:

Posted on 03-30-2005 by Matt4JC
every single track was good, most of them great. one of my top 5 CDs.

Posted on 06-10-2006 by relient nelson
This is a very enjoyable cd that has a unique sound, and doesn't get boring. The vocals are some of the best on the Christian market. 9/10

Posted on 06-21-2005 by audioafan
this cd is truly a work of art- great writing, original lyrics that cut to the heart. i love matt's voice. it is so good but at the same time so unique. i would do anything to sound like him. great guitars, great drums- what are you sitting here listening to me for?! go buy this cd!!!!

Posted on 06-29-2005 by RubberDucky4JC
this is the best cd ever :rofl:

Posted on 07-08-2005 by FoLoGOD
i liked it!!!!!!! no, wait...i loved it!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 07-08-2005 by DKelly
It's good. Their first one was better.

Posted on 07-11-2005 by fallinguprawks
i LOVE this cd! it is almost as good as their first! i would describe their genre as modern rock with influence from switchfoot and the beatles.

Posted on 07-30-2005 by surferdude9375
This CD has been a great addition to my collection. This CD ranks in my top 5 CD's I listen to. I am really curious who gave this CD a 1

Posted on 08-19-2004 by texandawg1288
very nice cd...very awesome guitar player

Posted on 08-19-2004 by pxlRawker
I love this CD. It has a great, fresh sound to it, and the guy has an amazing voice.
Change Me is probably my favourite track on this baby.

Posted on 08-21-2004 by lizwrenne
i'm actualyl listening to this right now and i really like it. it's a little softer than what i usually listen to...but the guitars on here really rock. very melodic. a little slower on the last few tracks...but all very beautifully written.

[SIZE=4]buy it![/SIZE]

Posted on 09-07-2004 by Elms
I was SO happy I got this CD. Good Stuff. I love Matt Hammit's voice. Go buy it NOW!

Posted on 09-08-2005 by Joseiy
It is the awesome.

Posted on 09-09-2004 by guitarfreak217
i love this cd. it goes perfectly with their last one. i love the slight style change. this time the guitar parts are much easier to figure out though. i love how the songs are simple but profound.

Posted on 09-13-2005 by thedemonhunter
[QUOTE=ltllover8]this cd is so good. i've been listening to it nonstop since i got it on tuesday night.
they're also really really good in concert. and they're the sweetest guys you could ever meet. i ate dinner with them and they're so funny.
gotta give 'em props for being awesome...even if you don't appreciate this cd.

How did you lucky person get to have dinner with them! I've only met bands for 2 seconds getting stuff signed.

Posted on 09-18-2005 by fenderman2
I have to say this is a good cd but not one of my favs. I gave it a 7 :-/ :nope:

Posted on 09-28-2004 by ABAC-P
I liked this CD, not as good as the first though IMO.

Posted on 10-22-2004 by ltllover8
this cd is so good. i've been listening to it nonstop since i got it on tuesday night.
they're also really really good in concert. and they're the sweetest guys you could ever meet. i ate dinner with them and they're so funny.
gotta give 'em props for being awesome...even if you don't appreciate this cd.

Posted on 10-23-2005 by Blazer77
They are a very humble band...I didn't have dinner with them, but got to meet them before one of their concerts. I agree the CD is very good...and quite original. The acoustic version of the first song is my fav.

Posted on 11-08-2004 by sanctusfan14
i love this cd, u ever have a cd that u love every song on there? this one rocks. i played change me for this show thingy cuz its a great song. maybe the fact that their my favorite band might affect how i vote, but i give it a ten.

Posted on 11-26-2004 by hi-i'm-jordan
this is an awesome cd! the lyrics are just amazing and deep as the guitars. this is an amazing band! see them in concert, they're awesome! also check out Say It Loud(which is a tad better i must add, but i still gave this one a 10).

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