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The O.C. Supertones - Revenge of the Supertones (2004)

Average User Rating: 8.22 out of 10
Total votes: 9 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. Wake Me Up On Time
2. Where I Find You
3. We Shall Overcome
4. Transmission
5. Prince Of Peace
6. Shepherd Is The Lamb
7. Everything's Broken
8. The Kingdom
9. Faith Of A Child
10. Cult Of Cool
11. I Will Follow
12. Dream Of Two Cities

Posted on 01-08-2005 by Rob
9-Quality work here.

The cd starts off great with Wake me Up, Where I find You, and Overcome all being great get-up songs. Transmission doesn't do it for me but it sets the stage for the best song of the disk Prince of Peace. Awesome song. The rest of the album is solid with Everythings Broken being another highlight.
I don't get the whole "too many slow songs", there's only two that could be considered "slow" - The Shepherd is the Lamb and Faith of a Child. Of course that brings me to my only real complaint.....there's only 12 songs. Another couple of songs would've been very nice.

Posted on 01-09-2005 by lizwrenne
pretty good. liked the cd, even though i listened to it in teh store and di not buy it, for lack of money. if i had some, i'd buy it.

Posted on 03-13-2005 by crosseyed04
i'm personally into the old school stuff of the superstones first couple cds and didn't like this album much. i give it about a 5

Posted on 11-07-2004 by MJ_Avalanche
I wish I could change my vote from a 9 to an 8. Good album, but waaaay to many slow boring songs. This is the Supertones for cryin' out loud! If I wanted to listen to ballads I'd listen to MWS!

And Ethan's new tone is lousy. Where's the distortion?! Can't be ska rock without real distortion! None of this overdrive all the time junk!

Posted on 11-10-2004 by dogfood
i quite like that nimber 3 song: overcome, thats kinda catchy, sounds good on the church sound system too

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