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Haste the Day - Burning Bridges (2004)

Average User Rating: 8.62 out of 10
Total votes: 21 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 18

1. Blue 42
2. The Closest Thing to Closure
3. American Love
4. Concerning the Way It Was
5. Song of Faith
6. Ros King
7. One Life to Live
8. The Last Goodbye
9. An Honest Confession
10. Substance
11. Breaking My Own Heart
12. Outro

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Posted on 01-04-2005 by beastjuice42
I agree that haste the day sounds similar to zao but haste the day takes the cake

Posted on 01-19-2005 by Inked in Blood
i think zao sounds better then haste the day.haste the day has great vocals both in their sings and screams.the guitars if the songs werent separated would blend seamlessly throughout the cd.burning bridges is an awsome cd well worth the money it costs.

Posted on 02-20-2006 by Unregisted
[QUOTE=PontiusPirate]Good album....they put on an amazing show....(especially when combined with Norma Jean).
Does anyone have the new album?[/QUOTE]

Absolutely! I was introduced to Haste the Day at a Norma Jean show. Loooved itttt!

Posted on 05-20-2005 by wujo
I love Haste The Day. I think they have everything that you want from a hardcore/metalcore band.

Substance, The Closest Thing to Closure, American Love, Ros King are the ones I like alot!

Posted on 05-20-2005 by Wild Willy
Heck Yes! This is easily one of my favorite CDs ever. I'm pumped for their new one next month.

Posted on 05-20-2005 by Wild Willy
I think Haste the Day and Zao sound way different

Posted on 06-24-2005 by DKelly
Zao and Haste The Day are very similar vocally when they scream, but I like Haste The Day much better. I give them an 8.

Posted on 06-30-2005 by Inked in Blood
[QUOTE=DKelly]Zao and Haste The Day are very similar vocally when they scream, but I like Haste The Day much better. I give them an 8.[/QUOTE]

they sound the same vocally but musicaly they dont have much in common.i like zao more just for the fat that they were one of the first bands i started listening to when i got into the scene.

Posted on 07-03-2005 by DKelly
I like this CD.

I just bought it today. My favorite songs are "The Closest Thing To Closure" and "Blue 42".

Posted on 07-12-2005 by underOATHrcks
Good cd. Closest Thing To Closure and Substance are awesome, and the rest of the cd is good 2.

Posted on 07-12-2005 by PontiusPirate
Good album....they put on an amazing show....(especially when combined with Norma Jean).
Does anyone have the new album?

Posted on 07-12-2005 by DKelly
[QUOTE=PontiusPirate]Does anyone have the new album?[/QUOTE]

Not yet, but I want it.

Posted on 08-21-2005 by underoathrocks
they are okay the singers voice is kinda strange. Underoath is still the best band by FAR!

Posted on 10-03-2004 by staticoy
I bought this CD from [URL=][/URL] for a dirty low price of $7.99 (now it has been increased to $11.99, which is still worth it), with shipping included. This just happens to be one of my new favorite CD's along up there with Staple, Chevelle, and my other christian hard rock bands. At first, the only thing going through my head is, wow they sound like a ZAO mockup band. But right when that thought crossed my mind, they put me through a loop hole, they started singing very melodic. Especially when i got to track three, which is on of my favorite of the 10 tracks on this CD. Every song on this CD i can listen to without getting tired of the music. Everyone of my friends that i have forced to listen to the CD have become attached. Haste the Day is very musically talented also, which is very apearant in the whole CD, as the songs play you'll realize there are a lot of sections of songs that is just instrumental, and very good instrumental indeed. When Haste the Day comes within the state of me, i will be sure to be at that concert. :clap: 10/10 :D

Posted on 10-03-2004 by Unregisted
this band was so ill in concert, I mean they had it all syncronize guitars, and i'm really started to love (what I call) the slap scream, you know that high pitch short choppy scream, I love it. Good music they were in concert with Zao and As i Lay dying, I suggest you check out there CD's to, both of them are christian and just amazing bands. My favorite thing about Haste the day was in the middle of their set they got up on the stage and said (this is word for word) "we stand for Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins". And they werent' joking, they were very serious. go support this band and buy the CD and a couple of shirts cuz aside from being christian they are so ill!!!!
roll on

Posted on 10-05-2004 by ABAC-P
this is a very sweet cd, especially the guitars on it. better than zao in my opinion.

Posted on 10-09-2004 by groober
This is one of the sickest bands ever!!!!!!!! They are so awesome and have some of the best guitars I've heard from any band around! The vocals are sweet and the lyrics are intense, I just want them to come to Canada for a concert!

Posted on 11-08-2004 by punkrock_metal
They sound strikingly similiar to Zao. Their hardcore vocals are nice. Then they bring in these clean vocals that are very pleasant. The cleans are a rare treat in hardcore music. Haste The Day pulls it off nicely. Great guitars of course. Over all a good CD for all hardcore/ metal fans. (esspecial people who miss Zao)

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