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Choir, The - Free Flying Soul (1996)

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1. Salamander
2. Polar Boy
3. Sled Dog
4. Away With the Swine
5. The Ocean
6. If You're Listening
7. The Chicken
8. Slow Spin
9. Leprechaun
10. Yellow-Haired Monkeys
11. Butterfly
12. The Warbler

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Posted on 06-26-2008 by Ritchie_az
If you are reading this, I'm guessing you've heard of The Choir and probably own one or more of their albums. If not, well, you're in for a real treat.
The band, originally called Youth Choir, released their debut album [I]Voices In Shadows[/I] in 1985. [I]Free Flying Soul[/I], released in 1996, is their 8th full-length studio album.
The Choir's sound has been described as "atmospheric alternative" and "progressive" or "ahead of it's time."
Derri Daugherty plays guitar, keyboards and sings, Steve Hindalong plays drums (and he's quite the drummer), Tim Chandler (from Daniel Amos and The Swirling Eddies) plays bass and guitar, and Dan Michaels plays lyricon, electric flute and saxophone. Also, in 2005, Marc Bird (from Common Children) joined the band as guitarist. (Derri, Steve and Marc were behind the famed City On A Hill albums).
Free Flying Soul won the 1997 Dove Award for "Best Modern Rock Album," and rightfully so. It is great from start-to-finish. Even now, 12 years later, it doesn't sound dated. While many have said that this was not The Choir's greatest album, which is probably true, the fact is that [I]all[/I] their albums are great--you'll want this one in your collection regardless.

Posted on 10-14-2005 by Muffinly
I have not heard this album in full, but let me venture to say that the tracks I have heard are pretty excellent. I really should look into buying it.

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