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Zao - Legendary (2003)

Average User Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Total votes: 4 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 3

1. Skin Like Winter
2. 5 Year Winter
3. A Fall Farewell
4. Suspend Suspension
5. 5 Year WinterWalk On By, Walk On Me (Pianist Prophesy)
6. Ravage Ritual
7. Times of Separation
8. Walk Savannah
9. The Race of Standing Still
10. Free The Three
11. Angel Without Wings
12. Ember
13. The Ghost Psalm
14. Trash Can Hands
15. The Icarus Complex
16. One Last Time
17. All Dressed Up (With No Place To Go)

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Posted on 06-25-2004 by fudrudler
For those who Don't know what Zao Cd to egt first this is it. Good CD all in all. A couple of teh songs have bad production, but they are old school zao. Also if you have Parade of chaos you'll notice that one of the last three songs (can't remember which) has a riff almost exactly liek one in it. Sorry can't remember the song names for either. I'm blanking at the moment. The last songs were demos anyways.

Posted on 07-01-2004 by Norma Jean
This band really got me into Christian Hardcore. Legendary is a great CD. I was told to get Save Yourself from Hell also.

Posted on 08-03-2004 by StaringAtSteveO
great cd - there [U]was[/U] a riff that was the same in two songs

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