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Relient K - Deck the Halls Bruise Your Hand (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.2 out of 10
Total votes: 45 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 26

1. Angels We Have Heard On High
2. Deck the Halls
3. 12 Days of Christmas
4. Silent Night/Away in the Manger
5. I Celebrate the Day
6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
7. Santa Claus is Thumbing to Town
8. Handel's Messiah
9. I Hate Christmas Parties
10. Auld Lang Syene

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Posted on 03-04-2005 by Timberwolf
Best EP of them all. :clap:

Posted on 03-04-2005 by crosseyed04
Love the CD!!! listen to it year round!!! Relient K is awsome!!!

Posted on 03-21-2005 by scarsxthatxsave
Yeah, haha, it's great. I listen to it in the summertime... all summer long, then around Christmas I'm sick of it! Ha!

Posted on 03-22-2005 by adamwagg
Its pretty good. Id prefer it a bit longer, but i enjoyed the twist on the normal christmas songs.

I also love the song i celebrate the day.

We did that as a christmas item in our church and it went really well. Nice and meanignful.

Posted on 03-22-2005 by scarsxthatxsave
Yeah, I agree, "I Celebrate The Day" is great. It sends chills through me when I listen to it. It's amazing.

Posted on 03-26-2005 by G180
yeah,i listen to it whenever,i like it too much to only listen to around christmas,even if i don't like "i hate christams parties"

Posted on 04-08-2006 by fireproof101
I always look forward to taking it out of the shelves the day after Thanksgiving. My fav Christmas album by far.

Posted on 04-08-2006 by alexanderthegr8
It is ok. The best christmas cd though is the Happy Christmas cd from tooth and nail records.

Posted on 06-04-2005 by 927guitarmen
where can i get this cd? i only see it packaged with two lefts, and there's no point in buying another copy of a cd you already have, so i'm stuck. :spin:

Posted on 06-09-2005 by wheretheresawil
[insert obligatory first post newbie blah thing here]

Great cd, but the playlist could've been arranged a little differently. The first half of the cd is excellent, but the second half gets rather boring, with the only saving grace being Santa Claus is Thumbing. We Wish You a Merry Christmas was too short, Handel's Messiah was too repetitive, and Hate Christmas Parties mingled with Aulde Lang Syne was just two slow songs in a row. So, yeah, the playlist needed to be rearranged so the slow songs and fast songs could be in better balance with each other.

Posted on 06-09-2005 by Guitar_Freak14
It's awsome! I got it free with two lefts.

Posted on 06-09-2005 by Orionsbelt
I love this CD! It is a must for big RK fans. The 12 days of Christmas is one of their best songs. Also, I must say that this Cd is 25 minutes of total Christmas PARTY! it is the perfect mix for a party. Buy it, and give Two Lefts to a friend. that's what i did.

Posted on 07-09-2005 by canguru2
it is the best christmas cd i've heard. :yep:

Posted on 07-10-2005 by Joseiy
Yeah I listened to it today.

Posted on 07-18-2007 by Rkchic[k]
i want to make 12 days of christmas my ringtone.

but i have no cell phone.

Posted on 07-21-2004 by Brian-Alexander
good cd. I got it for free with two lefts so i had two of the same cds but i gave it away cuz i didnt need two of the same cds lol

Posted on 08-28-2004 by relientk4eva777
I know that I am reviewing this in the middle of summer, but I pulled this CD out the other day and just realized the great craftsmanship on it. It takes a performer to produce a good sounding piece, but it takes a real musician to rewrite a commonly known older song and make it something like this! They are creative masters at their filed and I give them great praise for their efforts in making Christmas a little more punk for everyone! 10!

Posted on 09-13-2004 by Ring of a bell
This was RK's one and only fairly decent CD... :sadyep:

Posted on 09-30-2005 by lumpycustard
12 days rulz. and Thumb. both R awesome.

Posted on 10-03-2007 by Relientk101
My favorite Christmas CD in fact my only one but a 9

Posted on 10-23-2004 by melz_rkfan
i havnt heard all the songs on this CD but from what i have heard of it its soo cool! i love i celebrate the day..its a great song...and 12 days of christmas makes me very happy and dancing!

Posted on 10-25-2004 by IceHawk
excellent CD. I don't like the song I HATE CHRISTMAS PARTIES though. I don't think they should put a song about their ex-girlfriend on a Christmas album...

Posted on 11-02-2004 by Ganner
that song is old, it was their first christmas song published. It came out on that one Christmas hitss thing in 98? I think, so the song wasn't songthing written just for Deck the halls...

Posted on 11-08-2004 by Andrew
Considering the genre it is in, (Christmas music) this CD is very good. It has good replay value, and doesn't get old quickly. I gave it an eight. Not the best, but it is one of my favorite Christmas CDs. :)

Posted on 11-14-2004 by ImOnFire
Awesome hear a rumor of RK making a new one? sister bought this the other day, I think they packaged it wrong because, 2 "Deck the Halls..." CDS where jammed in that little paper

Posted on 12-13-2005 by mulletman
It makes me so happy that we have yet another CD full of unoriginal Christmas songs. *sarcasm* The one and only Christmas album I would ever support would be Living Sacrifice. That would be just odd.

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