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Dead Poetic - New Medicines (2004)

Average User Rating: 9.04 out of 10
Total votes: 26 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 13


1. Taste the Red Hands
2. Dream Club Murders
3. New Medicines
4. Vanus Empty
5. Bury the Differences
6. Molotov
7. Glass in the Trees
8. Dimmer Light
9. Hostages
10. Modern Morbid Prophecies
11. Hoax to Live For

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Posted on 01-02-2005 by Opie

Standout tracks: The Glass In The Trees & Dimmer Lights...

I enjoy this CD's not my favorite though...

Posted on 01-02-2005 by Mattlock

I like a lot of the songs. But a lot of it is just filler. But there are some very, very good songs on this album.

Posted on 01-12-2005 by -[R]-ChurchPunk
THIS CD RAWKS! 10 outa 10!!

Posted on 01-12-2005 by Inked in Blood
new medicines is a really good cd tho i enjoyed their first one more. i give it an 8.

Posted on 01-19-2005 by SFan47
Awesome cd!
I give it a 10. The best song is New medicines, but Glass in the trees and Dimmer lights are also two of my favorites. This whole cd is awesome if you don't have this cd, buy it!

Posted on 02-13-2005 by bleached
this cd is good. i really like taste the red hands,the dream club murders,and new medicines. all the songs are pretty good but the sound isn't too original. i saw them live and it was really diappointing. the singer's voice was all screwed up and he butchered new medicines. i guess they don't always suck live so i don't want to discourage anybody from seeing them.

Posted on 06-24-2005 by DKelly
This a good CD, but it isn't what I'd listen to regularly. I give it a 7.

I just got this CD today. It's really good.

Posted on 07-02-2004 by tenwatt
Dead Poetic is awesome!

Posted on 07-26-2005 by underOATHrcks
great cd. lyrics are amazing. glass in the tress is an amazing song, and the rest of the cd is great 2.


Posted on 08-13-2004 by j7swords
I got their album a but over a week ago. I got it because of New Medicines, but there are some other, truly great songs on the album, like Glass in the Trees, and Dimmer Light. Dead Poetic 4eva! k. im done.

Posted on 08-13-2004 by Jonular
Pretty good album. Musically, it's not to original, but the lyrics are solid. I'd give it an eight.


Posted on 08-26-2004 by lizwrenne
I REALLY LOVE THIS ALBUM. after being disappointed by some of my 'more-favorite' bands, they really delivered. the lyircs are great and the music is much better than their last album.

Posted on 11-16-2004 by soofizzy
I love the first track "Taste the red hands." Does anyone have the tabs for it?

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