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Casting Crowns - Casting Crowns (2003)

Average User Rating: 9.43 out of 10
Total votes: 70 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 29

1. What If His People Prayed
2. If We Are The Body
3. Voice Of Truth
4. Who Am I
5. American Dream
6. Here I Go Again
7. Praise With Dance
8. Glory
9. So Much More

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Posted on 01-02-2005 by irock4christ24
This CD is awesome! All of the songs have great messages!

Posted on 01-16-2005 by c1rocker
i love this cd! the lyrics are very powerful, as well as a great sound. i saw these guys live!! woot! i love the lead acoustic, with the electric in the backround

Posted on 01-31-2004 by sheep
I REALLY love this cd. These guys are intelligent, faithful, and very talented. They started out as a worship band and have expanded beyond your regular GCD worship song to include their many talents. Not to mention, their songs' messages are VERY powerful. "If We Are The Body" makes you think about your actions as a Christian. "What if His People Prayed" reminds you of the power of prayer. "Voice of Truth" and "Who Am I" reminds us of how precious we are to the Lord, and how He gives us everything we need. "Here I Go Again" (which is presently in my signature) is a prayer that i'm sure every Christian can relate to about the fears of witnessing to friends. Missing from the track list above is "Your Love is Extravagant," a song by Darrell Evans. It seems to be stuck there at the end as a little reminder to them and us about where they came from, not to forget their roots as a worship band. And the song they chose for that message is a powerful one. I highly suggest this cd for anyone who loves worship and acoustic rock.

Posted on 03-04-2004 by Matt4JC
A very good CD. My only complaint is that it's much too short. But all the great songs make up for it. "What If His People Prayed" & "If We Are The Body" & "American Dream" are songs with a message that needs to get out! "Voice Of Truth" is a totally awesome song about our faith in God. "Who Am I" is one of my 5 fave songs ever written. Very powerful. "Here I Go Again" is a song describing the trials of trying to witness to a close friend. Tracks 7-10 is like a miniature worship service. The best of these songs is definetly track 9, "Life Of Praise". Praising God for all the right reasons, and seeking to live a LIFE of worship is what this song is all about. Art forgot to mention the last track "Your Love Is Extravagant" which is a cover for the Darrel Evans song. An amazing intimate portrait of a close relationship to God. All in all, this CD is definetly a breath of fresh air and a must buy!

Posted on 03-13-2005 by crosseyed04
love this Cd. excellent meaning to each song and they're easy to understand.

Posted on 03-19-2005 by Guitardude183
Recommended if you like rock/worship

Posted on 03-21-2005 by DKelly
Definitely a great band. The best song is American Dream.

Posted on 03-23-2005 by church-clown40
Really good cd. The first six songs are the best on this cd but the last four songs are good praise songs. Rock on Casting Crowns

Posted on 03-28-2005 by Unregisted
Awesome CD. I love how they blended country(ish) vocals with rock(ish) music. :D

Posted on 04-08-2006 by Jim_West24
Can anyone tell me if Shana Cassiday is still performing and if she is how I can get in touch with her. Thanks,

Posted on 04-20-2004 by Brendini
This is one of the best CDs I ever listened to, and it is hands-down the best debut album I've ever heard. Casting Crowns is incredibly talented, with rich, melodious vocals, rocking instrumentation, and incrediblly powerful lyrics. I love how their lyrics are really in your face, up-front, but not in an agressive way- take "If We Are The Body", for example. That is a frank appraisal of the effectiveness of the church, and Casting Crowns does not mince words there, or on the opening song, "What If His People Prayed". "Who Am I" is a stirring song that ponders thwe incredible love of God. "American Dream" criticizes the consumerism of American society. "Life Of Praise" is an awesome praise song destined to become a classic. And the list goes on. This band is amazing. They are destined for greatness, because of their incredible talent and fearless lyrical style. Go Casting Crowns!

My Rating: 11/10 - one of the best albums I've ever listened to
My Verdict: If you haven't already, go out and buy their album right now. From their rocking "American Dream" and "What If His People Prayed", to their softer "Here I Go Again" and "Your Love Is Extravagant", they have something for every musical taste, in enough quantity for everyone to love their album. I'm more of a rock person myself, and I love their album. My mother is practically anti-rock, and she loves their album too. Go and buy it.

Posted on 05-17-2004 by Contrabajo
I actually just bought this CD today, and I'd have to say that it's already leapfrogged all but two albums, becoming my third favorite of all time. #1 is Offerings 2 by Third Day, and #2 is "Adoration" by Newsboys, if you wondered.

Posted on 06-20-2004 by Opie
There are few CD's I'll just give a 10...I don't feel like I gave them a 10 I feel like they earned it...This CD is beautiful...ITs beautifully made and a wonderful asset to any christian music fan's CD collection...My band is performing What If His People Prayed at camp this summer...Its going to be wonderful...I bought the CD and rushed to learn Who Am I on the piano...I absolutely love the messages and I give them a perfect 10 because not only do the promote God in a way many fail to but they also make you think about life and situations you go go buy really want to even if you don't know that you want to...!

Posted on 07-04-2004 by dReAmIn4EvEr
awesome cd, they were a great newly discovered band, who made a great appearence at Creation Fest in PA last week

Posted on 08-15-2005 by matt j t
i can't decide which song i like best on this's all so good!!!!!

Posted on 08-17-2005 by scstpx28
:angel: This has to be one of the GREATEST Albums!!!!!!!!

Posted on 09-09-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
If we are the Body and What if his people prayed are awesome. This cd is great it is kind of like a contemporary rock

For fans of

Jeremy Camp
(Harder) Steven Curtis Chapman

Posted on 09-19-2004 by jbarnes
I'm listening to this CD as I write this... It's simply awesome! Everytime I listen to it I'm reminded of how Christ expects me to live. Other songs remind me of just how great God is and bring me into an attitude of worship.

Posted on 09-19-2004 by dReAmIn4EvEr
awesome cd and awesome band...i saw them at creation fest this year...they are amazing and deff have God working thru them..i mean the singer is dislexic(however thats spelled) and he cant read music yet he writes the lyrics and plays guitar awesome!
I'm seein them november 28th with steven curtis chapman and chris tomlin..that will b AMAZING!

Posted on 09-19-2004 by guitarmonkey<><
Who am I is a Awesome SONG.

Posted on 10-07-2004 by 4x4given
Our drummer gave the guitarist and myself (bass) the 6 song DVD/CD release of Casting Crowns, last Sunday after P&W. So later that night Tina (God's gift to me) and I lay down on the couches, fire up the DVD and watch ALL of it.

We were both in tears (joy and conviction). God is going to use this group in a way that's sure to bring glory!

Last night's P&W was awsome. God's hand was moving and at the end the 3 of us took a shot at "We Are The Body". It was all I could do to maintain my composure, as the message is *SO* compelling for me.

Well, this Saturday we're kicking of a Youth Rally and you can bet that we'll be doing "We Are The Body" and "Who Am I"!

Isn't god great, that He blesses us all with such talent? And praise Him for all who lay down their fear and self denial and step out in faith to bering the message!

Casting Crowns, JAM 4 THE LAMB!!! :clap:


Uncommon Gathering

Posted on 10-10-2006 by strathero
These guys rock! i saw them in concert during the lifesong tour and they were better live than on the cd. ALOT of people got saved that night

Posted on 10-14-2005 by LiLJesusFreak
1. What If His People Prayed
2. If We Are The Body
3. Voice Of Truth
4. Who Am I
5. American Dream
6. Here I Go Again
7. Praise With Dance
8. Glory
9. So Much More

For more on Casting Crowns, click here.[/QUOTE]

They are a God-gifted group of musicians. I love their first album. I have a copy of that cd to myself. But I really suggest you guys to go out and buy their new album [B]Lifesong[/B]. It is really good too.

1.) Lifesong
2.) Praise You In The Storm
3.) Does Anybody Hear Her?
4.) Stained Glass Masquerade
5.) Love Them Like Jesus
6.) Set Me Free
7.) While You Were Sleeping
8.) Father, Spirit, Jesus
9.) In Me
10.) Prodigal
11.) And Now My Lifesong Sings

Posted on 10-14-2005 by LiLJesusFreak
[QUOTE=guitarmonkey<><]Who am I is a Awesome SONG.[/QUOTE]

The one that touches me the most is Voice Of Truth from that album.

Posted on 11-13-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
[QUOTE=LiLJesusFreak]The one that touches me the most is Voice Of Truth from that album.[/QUOTE]
That is a great one, for me "If we are the body" or "what if his people prayed" touches me the most.

Posted on 11-15-2004 by Frok
I just got the album and I saw them on the "All things New" tour.

The lyrics are awesome on this album. He did a duet with Steven Curtis Chapman for the song "Voice of Truth" which was great. I think that is my favorite song right now.

Posted on 11-30-2004 by guitarchik_43
this is probably one of my most favorite bands . i really like the song who am i b/c i says who i am that the lord all the earth would care to know my name. b/c that is so true b/c we didnt die on a cross to save everyones sins and i just really like what all of their songs are saying . they are an awesome band and really get the message to me.

Posted on 12-16-2011 by bbj40
Awesome can't just describe it... it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to awesome

Posted on 12-22-2005 by B429R
A good album, but not the best in my collection. Many great songs, including [i]If We Are the Body[/i], [i]Voice of Truth[/i], [i]Who Am I[/i], and [i]American Dream[/i].
8 out of 10.


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