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Delerious - World Service (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.86 out of 10
Total votes: 22 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Grace like a river
2. Rain down
3. God in heaven
4. Majesty (here I am)
5. Inside outside
6. Free
7. Everyone knows
8. With you
9. Mountains high
10. I was blind
11. Feel it coming on
12. Every little thing

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Posted on 01-14-2005 by texandawg1288
Just now got it, and I really enjoy it. I wish someone would have told me about it sooner. I love the style and work in the music, and the lyrics are very good.

Posted on 02-03-2004 by sageinbelfast
i truly think this album is a work of genius and grace of God, i think its funny that after all the people who put the dboys down year after year they put out an album of this stature its a big told u so! it makes me beem inside that iam a fan and that they putthis sort of music out for us to listen to, thanks guys for the last 10years i look forward to the next 10. i cant put my finger on a fav tune because the album is so solid! martin ur voive gets better everytime i hear it

Posted on 02-15-2004 by nullifygurl
sweet! i just brought this cd.. i rarely gotten the time to listen to the whole song but i totally love Rain down and here i am humble by ur majesty.. :) i'm so excited! because my pastor he has made me hooked on Martin :)

Posted on 08-18-2004 by rootypoosis
Delirious is one of the few Christian bands that, without watering down the message, can and do maintain respect from the secular music industry. This latest project is excellent with no real weakpoints and includes many high points such as "Rain Down" and "Majesty." The band shows that they are just not a "live show" band but they can also produce sweet tunes in the studio as well.

Posted on 08-18-2004 by JohnM
yeah, uh... *cough*it's spelled delirious*cough*

Posted on 09-11-2004 by isshedeadyet?
My brother has their cd soo that's were I heard it, I really like it, there an awesome band.

Posted on 11-01-2004 by Sapphy
Been to see their world service tour and I can safely say what you hear on the cd ain't far removed from the live. Absolutely beautiful.

Posted on 11-01-2004 by Skeeter
I was surprised how much I liked this CD when I bought it a while back. The lyrics tread the same ground as before, but there is a certain beauty to the music. The guitar riff on the intro to "Grace Like A River" hooked me in and the rest of the CD did not disappoint. This is a fantastic album, but because of the lyrics, I can only give it an 8. Martin needs to explore some metaphors other than rivers and mountains...

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