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Mae - Destination:Beautiful (2003)

Average User Rating: 9.23 out of 10
Total votes: 22 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 13

1. Embers And Envelopes
2. This Time Is The Last Time
3. All Deliberate Speed
4. Runaway
5. Sun
6. Last Call
7. Skyline Drive
8. Soundtrack For Our Movie
9. Summertime
10. Giving It Away
11. Goodbye, Goodnight

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Posted on 01-02-2005 by Opie
I really love this CD...I'm anticipating getting Destination:B-Sides now...Standout tracks for me are "This Time Is The Last Time" and "Summertime" although the rest are great! Anyway you need it...I gave it a 10

Posted on 05-20-2005 by BereanatHeart
I didn't get into Mae until the release of the Everglow ( But I've since Purchased Destination: Beautiful. Excellent, excellent, album.

I really like All Deliberate Speed, Soundtrack for Our Movie, and Summertime, but every song rocks.

Posted on 05-20-2005 by Art
I got into the game pretty late. I picked this CD up about a month before the release of The Everglow. I got into Mae pretty quickly after that. This disk gets a lot of spins from me. 8.

Posted on 06-03-2005 by XxhopingxX
Being a true emo kid, I LOVE MAE. I've seen them 2wice. Both times they had an excellent show. They only reason i gave them a 9 is b/c i like music you can throwdown and ghetto sling in a pit to.

Posted on 08-15-2005 by Andrew
I listened to this CD after I became physically addicted to The Everglow.

It's amazing. Not perfect, like The Everglow, but it's got an eight from me.

Posted on 08-15-2005 by Art
[QUOTE=Andrew]I listened to this CD after I became physically addicted to The Everglow.

It's amazing. Not perfect, like The Everglow, but it's got an eight from me.[/QUOTE]
You will love it more with time. Believe me.

Posted on 08-26-2006 by heisouronlyhope
I like this Cd sun Acoustic is really Good like the whole album.

Posted on 08-26-2006 by heisouronlyhope
Ill give it a 10.

Posted on 09-04-2005 by c1rocker
This as gotta be one of the best reccords i have ever heard. They have such a great sound that no one else comes close too. My favorite song has to be "Soundtrac for our movie" prolly becuase i can play that solo at the end of the song. (great solo)

Posted on 09-13-2005 by 'that'chick
i love mae so much!! i love this cd. but i do have to say that i can't go a day with out listening to THE EVERGLOW. they were just in town and i didn't know, i almost cried. one thing i want to say if anyone can help me is that i need help, im new and i want to post messages, but i can only post private messages, so please help me!!!

Posted on 10-11-2007 by earlessdog
I've only heard one song from this cd, [I]This Time Is The Last Time[/I], and its my favorite mae song. I have The Everglow and Singularity.

Posted on 12-14-2004 by randecarl
I got this albumn because i heard it on my internet radio station. And it turns out these guys are from Norfolk, VA same place I'm from...small world. Anyway, I really like the sound they've got. The lyrics are pretty good as well. My favorite is Embers and Envelopes.

Posted on 12-26-2004 by Catholic*EmoKid
A friend told me about Mae, so I checked them out... and fell in love with them! I got the Destination: Beautiful CD. I love their emo/rock style. For an emo-type band, it's great that they sound so positive, soothing, and uplifting. The lyrics are great and poetic, however it would be even better if they wore their faith on their sleeves a little more. You can tell they are Christian, but only after a few listens to the CD. In November 2004, they released the Destination: B-Sides album, which is mainly acoustic/remixes/live versions of songs I've already heard, plus a couple new ones. I'm pumped for their new full length album due March 29th, 2005! Check out [url][/url]. Mae, I love you, keep rocking and changing the world.

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