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Hillsong - Amazing Love (2003)

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1. Father
2. Every Time
3. My Heart Will Trust
4. Great Is The Lord
5. Faithful
6. Trust In You
7. Do What You Say
8. Thirst For You
9. Reason I Live
10. Refuge
11. Jesus Won It All
12. Amazing Love

Posted on 03-04-2004 by spongyfungy
Quick Overview[/B] : Not a good CD but rather filler between Blessed and Hope (two of Hillsongs' strongest albums)

I first ordered it to kill some time in anticipation of their next live album (which was Hope at the time. I even bought two after was temporarily backordered and did not cancel that order on time. ) This album was a dissapointment in every aspect. The songs had absolutely NO substance and some of the lyrics are questionable (not theologically, I think but just worded weird) Visualize this, a whole bunch of worship songs that got jumbled in a salad bowl and got extruded out to produce songs that would go on this album. You know worship song cliches? A whole bunch of them here. They may sound great muscially but this is a lyrical nightmare.

In the linear notes it says that the songs were a beautiful reflection of God's incredible heart for His people.

Many of these are old songs that didn't make the live album and were shelved, until now. These lyrics are heartfelt but have absolutely no substance. I need worship songs that challenge me / rebuke me / make me think / tell a story / specific / revelatory / insightful. None of the songs have these qualities.
[B]1. Father [/B]
This is the first song on the CD :
Amazing love has won my heart / I am in awe of all You've done / You gave us Jesus and with Him / You freely give us everything

Father, my Father I am so secure in You / Your perfect love drives away all my fear (a listener may not feel this way all the time)

doesn't even rhyme. not that I care about rhyming but these lyrics are so generic.

[B]2. every time[/B]
second song :

Jesus, I love You / I need You my Saviour/ Jesus, Your love it has healed me/ Opened my heart

Compare this with the very first Simply Worship CD from Hillsong :
[B]Hear our praises:[/B] May our homes be filled with dancing / May our streets be filled with joy / May injustice bow to Jesus / As the people turn to pray.

Visually stunning.

The whole CD is filled with the same rhetoric. I understand that many people will be blessed despite the inept songwriting but Hillsong could have put out a better album. All the songs on this album are slow songs btw.

I can't go on and write down any more lyrics. It boggles the mind that a church that usually puts out awesome CD's can put this horrendous CD out.

After listening to this CD all the way through, I expected to read an apology at the end of the notes. Hillsong should be ashamed to put out CD with such poor songs. They save the best ones for the Live CD's. I know every song can't be a loud celebration and that we also need those quiet meditative songs, especially during prayer but when the songs become such a distraction, it defeats the purpose. I am guilty of being a Hillsong fanboy, buying every hillsong CD that comes out before anyone else but I fell victim with this one.

Instead buy any of the live CD's they have put out : By Your Side, You Are My World, Blessed, and Hope. all of them are excellent

Posted on 03-11-2006 by Unregisted
can you send me a lyrics of thirst for you- in this album??

i really need it..
thank you very much..

here's my add.. [email][/email]

Posted on 04-07-2004 by ChristLike923
[COLOR=Orange][COLOR=Red]I loved this cd! I use this album to worship because it's more of an album praising and blessing God. It isn't meant for us to think anything except "i praise and worship You Jesus". I love the lyrics because it's heartfelt. I don't hear or believe that there's anything wrong with this cd. It's beautiful. Plus, all of the studio cds are purposely quiet and slow because it's meant for quiet, private worship.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

Posted on 08-19-2006 by icegertrude
can i get lyrics and chords of all for love??? thanks. [email][/email]

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