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Hillsong - Hope (2003)

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1. Better Than Life
2. Glory
3. Ever Living God
4. Need You Here
5. My Hope
6. Still
7. Angels
8. Can't Stop Praising
9. You Are / You Are Lord
10. Here I Am To Worship / Call
11. Highest
12. Song Of Freedom
13. Shout Your Fame
14. Exceeding Joy
15. King Of Love
16. To The Ends Of The Earth
17. Free
18. Highest (reprise)

Posted on 03-04-2004 by spongyfungy
Overview : What a great Worship CD. Hillsong has once again put out a tremendous CD that spans not 1 but 2!! CD's

What can I say? After reeling from the disappointing Amazin Love CD, I was so impressed with this album. This was a tremendous effort by Hillong. The CD starts out great with the first song [B]"Better than Life"[/B]

[I]Better than the riches of this world / Better than the sound of my friend's voices
Better than the biggest dreams of my heart / And that's just the start...
I can't stop falling in love you / I'll never stop falling in love with you

all this behind some awesome guitar wailing. It's a powerful anthem to Christ they even correct a theological folly from the song "Jesus, lover of my soul" : from "I love you, I need you, Though my world may fall, Iíll never let [B]you[/B] go to : "You hold me now in your arms /And never let [B]me[/B] go" It may be a stretch but whatever, I love this album!

The songs just keep on coming with the next song. "Glory" focusing on the awesome Glory of God. [I]"Great is the Lord /God almighty / great is the Lord on high /The train of His robe / fills the temple / and we cry out / highest praise[/I]

straight out of Isiah 6. Then the chorus links it to Jesus, bringing glory to His Son

The fast pace slows down and continues with a slower song. called "Ever Living God" many truths are sung through this song but nothing really special about the song. the next 5 (My Hope, Need You here, My Hope, Angels, Still) songs follow suit. My Hope is particulary good but not too many words to many of these songs, very skimpy. they are sung very beautifully though.
Pace picks up again with Can't stop praising. The beginning has some whistles and sounds like cheesy disco music. another slow ballad follows. Then an interesting song. It's a cover of Tim Hughes Here I am to Worship. Hillsong does an Excellent job of this song and I love listening to this version. They have strings, a huge choir in the background, and other worshippers singing this is awesome. Then they add an extra line to this song. Called : "Call" Call upon the name of The Lord and be saved (4x) kind of an invocation sung by Zschech

One of my favorite songs follows Hughes' song: Highest. I guess they liked it too because they reprise on the second CD. It's a simple song done wonderfully. This song goes 9:15, with a very long instrumental. I guess you can pray/meditate in the middle.

[B]Second CD:[/B]

The next song is my favorite song of the whole album. It's so simple lyrically but it's a proclamation to God that he reigns above all. It feels like this song should be sung by a person that was lost but has found his freedom in Christ or like a blind / cripple that can now see / or walk again.

A song of freedom is on my lips /Today, today / I sing about the one I love/ Today, today

All I can see is Your mercy/ All I can feel is Your grace

Your love is so wonderful / Let all the people sing that/ Our God reigns above all

One other song I would like to mention is To The Ends of the Earth. I believe that song was on a United Live CD but I guess that it found its way on here.

Overall this is a great album! They couldn't fit it all on one CD so they put it on 2. I think they could have meshed some songs together or cut out some songs and I believe it suffers a bit by thinning the album out. I'm not a slow ballad type of guy but others may find it a blessing. This entire album has a bit of everything for everybody. I highly recommend this album.

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