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Jars of Clay - Who We Are Instead (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.8 out of 10
Total votes: 45 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 23

1. Sunny Days
2. Amazing Grace
3. Lonely People
4. Only Alive
5. Trouble Is
6. Faith Enough
7. Show You Love
8. Lesser Things
9. I'm In The Way
10. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
11. Jealous Kind
12. Sing
13. My Heavenly

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Posted on 01-07-2004 by Art
I give it a very solid 8. Jars of Clay finally released a CD that managed to live up to the reputation they earned with their first album. There were scattered good songs on the other albums, but not a full album of very good songs. This album is full of very good songs. I could listen to it all day and not get bored.

Posted on 01-09-2004 by Setekh
I gave it a 9. :) I must salute JOC's continued rejuvenation of their sound - as faithful Jars followers will realise, no two of their albums is the same. I intensely enjoy Who We Are Instead, due in no small part to the acoustic guitar that rings throughout the whole abum - it's great to play along to. I would even suggest this album to beginner guitarists, as the chords are mostly very simple, though most of the songs provide lots of room to figure out fingerpicked riffs (Lonely People springs to mind). So, musically, I think it's a great arrangement.

Lyrically, I find this album outstanding. A friend and I spent a whole day chilling, listening to WWAI, and thinking about the lyrics. There are some great tunes to get into your head (Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet is gold, as is Show You Love) there, and I really ought to stop sounding like a commercial. I just really like this album... ;)

Posted on 01-11-2004 by Opie
I give it a 9...Simply awesome! Not quite as good at the self-titled but pretty darn close...for me stand out tracks are the cover of Lonely People, Faith Enough, and Jealous Kind but all of them are awesome...those are my 3 favs I think though...I can't take this CD out of the player...its funny because I got 5 or 6 CD's for christmas and got this one back when it came out and have barely listened to the new ones because I have this one in the CD player so much!

Posted on 01-11-2004 by SupaNova
This is probably my favorite Jars album, that's right folks, I like WWAI slightly more than their sacred debut CD (of course this is only one man's preference). The music on this album ranges from their standard pop/rock tunes ("Sunny Days", "Show You Love", "I'm in the Way") to more folk rooted songs ("Amazing Grace", "Only Alive"). While the album as a whole may not anything spectacular or deeply innovative, WWAI is easily Jars of Clay's most solid release since the days of their self titled CD and "Much Afraid". For any fan, this album is a definate must have. Oh and be prepared, the ending to "Jealous Kind" may come as an unexpected surprise to many Jars fans.

Posted on 01-11-2004 by merrymary
Ummm. This CD was NOT awesome. It was good.

But Jars of clay is getting old.

Posted on 01-12-2004 by PraisingHim
I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I totally unexpected it to sound like it did. I played amazing grace at a gig last night with some friends, it went over best by far. Many of the songs people can pick up and play, and sound pretty decent, although Jars does it perfecto. I give it a 9

Posted on 01-22-2004 by randomchamp
What an awesome CD - Jars is finally back on track. I had lost faith in them with Eleventh Hour which stunk. Jealous Kind and Amazing Grace are the two standout tracks. Ive been listening to it non-stop. Quality Stuff.
(I just saw them live at Sonfest - they did an awesome rendition of frail)

Posted on 01-23-2004 by OneWithTheMud
It's worth an 8. ...pretty good...

Posted on 01-23-2004 by ripFIF
either this or their first album is the best

Posted on 01-25-2004 by Potato
Man! I think this album is absolutely fantastic. I bought it last week and haven't taken it out of my CD player except yesterday when I put Furthermore in so I could listen to Worlds Apart (trying to play it on the guitar).
The music was a huge surprise. It was like opening a present with no idea what you're going to get. It sounds very country and I must agree that the ending to Jealous Kind is a great surprise. But It grew on me after a while and now it's my favourite song on the album.
The lyrics on some of the songs are amazing. Lesser Things really stood out for me in that respect. So too did Amazing Grace and Jealous Kind.
I'd have to say 9. It's an awesome album.

Posted on 01-30-2004 by StraightEdge
I gave this CD a 9. The music is a departure from their previous records, but it still is very much "Jars' Sound". The songs are very well written and, of course, the musicianship is outstanding, but, you should expect that by now form the Jars. I was also suprised to see more guest musicians and vocalists on this disc. All in all, "Who We Are Instead" is an outstanding disc. Buy it!

Posted on 02-27-2004 by Only Alive
There isn't one song on this CD I don't like. Definitely Jars' best effort yet... they overcame thier apparent "identity crisis" from 11th Hour. The transition was apparent during Furthermore, so if you liked the new studio stuff, you'll dig this. Highlights are Amazing Grace, Trouble Is, Faith Enough, and Lesser Things.


Posted on 03-04-2004 by spongyfungy
sunny days - typical jars of clay pop rock song. The sound is very reminescent of the self-titled debut CD. With the strings and chorus
Amazing Grace - Totally different and it sets the tone for the rest of the album
Lonely People comes across as a beer commercial jingle. It's actually a cover of the 70's song by America after I tried looking up the song on a search engine.

The rest of the songs have the same slow tempoed style music as Amazing Grace. I can compare it to Robert Randolph and the family band without the energy.The pedal steel guitar is prevalent in many of the songs especially in the pulse pounding Trouble is.
Fans of the jars of clay type of music maybe turned off with the southern country style. However this album requires a closer inspection of its lyrics to each song to fully appreciate. I know I've wanted Jars to quit experimentating with the music I have grown accustomed to listening to and I struggled throughout the album

technically you can always expect Jars to be superior and they do not disappoint in that area.

Jars of clay is known for their sometimes semi-cryptic lyrics and that requires some interpretation. With the Sunday school like song "Jesus's blood never failed me yet": Jesus's blood never failed me yet/never failed me yet/this one thing I know. His delivery of the song is of a soft-spoken drunk dude. Though it leaves nothing to the imagination,it is the poignant truth of the message that evoke emotions in one's soul of Jesus sacrifice and his unending faithfulness.

All in all a great album and a great effort by Jars

Posted on 03-13-2004 by imgimenez
That's a wonderfull cd!!!!

Posted on 03-18-2004 by fifsuperpod37
I gave this album a 10 and I think it's better than any other album released in 2003. The acoustic guitars are great, Dan's voice and lyrics are great, and the whole album is just a great listen. I put it behind Much Afraid and the first one just barely. It's better than the two newer ones.

Posted on 03-27-2004 by BereanatHeart
Ten indeed.

Posted on 05-02-2004 by georgeo
The two bonus tracks, if you have the 2 cd set, are very good..
Tonite and Shipwrecked are both very good songs.

The album is overall very good, you can hear any particular voice at any time, yet there is a good overall mix too.

The lyrics are insightful, but understandable. The melodies are catchy, the music is tastefully done. I don't think there is a single distorted guitar on the whole album. Thats a nice thing. Its just relaxing to listen to.

After having this album for a long time, I got it the day before it was released, I still think its a great album. Get it. Listen to it. Love it. 9.

Posted on 06-11-2004 by Rinna
No doubt about Jars!
I'm mad about "Sunny Days" and "Jealous Kind". What really makes me happy that those guys continue to stick to the gospel theme, that is why I still love and support this band!!! :)
By the way, I voted 9.9 because of one song that made my day and encouraged all the "singles"- it's for the "Lonely people".Thanks for that, Jars!


Posted on 06-12-2004 by funguy44x
[QUOTE=fifsuperpod37]I gave this album a 10 and I think it's better than any other album released in 2003. The acoustic guitars are great, Dan's voice and lyrics are great, and the whole album is just a great listen. I put it behind Much Afraid and the first one just barely. It's better than the two newer ones.[/QUOTE]
Okay, first off, i give all JOC albums a 10. but i think that they're first album is they're best. though i like the fact that in "who we are instead" they broke away form the monotany of their other four albums and played around with different styles while at the same time retaining they're unique JOC sound.

Posted on 06-14-2004 by Philipe
I gave it a 10, man. I like the way Jars of Clay seems to change they're style in every album, yet is still recognizably the same. It's a WHOLE lot better than anything released lately. It's a shame we don't have another Christian band to rival DC talk yet... *sigh* :(

Posted on 06-17-2004 by quacko_quack
Sure I agree with all yer folks out there... Every song on this CD is good, but I suggest listening to it one song at a time. ie., listen to one track, rest a while, then follow up... Somehow I find myself appreciating the album better. Jars Of Clay does a great job on the lyric and music, but the style is too repetitive and boring and unpredictive. You get sick after a while if you listen it through in one sitting...

Posted on 07-10-2004 by Unregisted
I think it's a very good record.. There's defenitly a country flair to it.

I love how they have always stayed true, and not sold out. Now a days thats pretty rare.

They did a great job on covering "lonely people" by america.. There has been alot of great songs over the years that have been butchered to death, but not this one..

Great band

I'll give the album a 9

Posted on 09-13-2004 by dReAmIn4EvEr
ive never heard the CD b4 but the song "I'm in the way" has given me something to do in my never lettin my friends ever fall away from God

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