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Grand Incredible - G.I. Gantic (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.67 out of 10
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Total comments: 2

1. Anti-Prom
2. Big is the New Small
3. You Had Me at Hello
4. Salvation
5. Time After Time
6. Right On Time
7. The Days Are Evil
8. Los Angeles
9. Robert Horry
10. Los Lakers Por Vida
11. Rock Your Face Off
12. Be Thou My Television
13. Most Beautiful Soul
14. Here We Go
15. Corner of the Sky
16. Forgiveness Again
17. California Shore

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Posted on 12-09-2003 by Mugga Please
[B]Background of this cd:[/B]
This is cd is a side project done by Matt Morginsky and Ethan Luck of the ska band 'OC Supertones'. Between the two of them they covered all the instruments (Matt - Vocals, Bass) (Ethan - Guitars, Drums). The cd was done during the Supertone cd 'Hi-Fi Revival' period when Matt had written about 30 songs. The band thought about making a making a two disc for 'Hi-Fi' but it eventual came down to just Matt and Ethan taking on a side project to record the excess songs.

[B]My Review:[/B]
If your a fan of the supertones then you'll enjoy this cd most likely. They use a punk/rock sound w/ the feel of the supertones songs. At parts of the cd you can almost imagine what it'd sound like w/ a sweet trumpet solo or a trombone line in the songs....but o well. Overall they did a good job with the songs and music. I especially like the 'Time after Time' redo they did...its better than the original. The only downside is the three songs about the Lakers...Boo.

[B]Key Songs:[/B]
Anti-Prom, Salvation, Time after Time, Rock your Face off

Posted on 12-10-2003 by Art
Three songs about the Lakers? In a positive way? I'm not longer sure that I could enjoy this CD at all.

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