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KJ-52 - It's Pronounced "Five-Two" (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.71 out of 10
Total votes: 14 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 11

1. Welcome to Five Two's
2. KJ Five Two
3. Whoop Whoop
4. Dear Slim Pt. 2
5. So In Love WIth You
6. Cartoon Network
7. Rock On
8. Back In The Day
9. Can I Speak With A Manager
10. 47 Pop Stars
11. Pick Yourself Up
12. Don't Go
13. Check Yourself
14. Infomercial
15. #1 Fan
16. I Feel So Good
17. I'm Guilty
18. Outro

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Posted on 06-10-2006 by Unregisted
Dear Slim Pt. 2 was awesome. I heard it and it really made me think. I have parts one and two on my iPod, and whenever I hear them, I stop and say a prayer for eminem. What a great wittnessing tool!

P.S. KJ's name is Jonah?

Posted on 07-17-2004 by kj52rox
This CD kicks dérriér. I bought it cuz my cuz reccomended it and I am thoroughly impressed. I like all the song I wud highly reccomend this CD to anyone who likes hiphop. Great CD!!!

Posted on 07-17-2004 by OneWithTheMud
I liked it, but it's not on my favorites list. It's a good CD.

Posted on 08-12-2004 by Unregisted
I love "#1 Fan", it really happened, and KJ is my cousin! His real name is Jonah.

Posted on 08-13-2004 by raggedyandy7
its sad how his stupid record label is makin him sing songs that he doesnt wanna sing. the dude has some big theology in him and they wont let him express himself.

I really like "im guilty" though...AWESOME song

back in the day he used to hang out with deuce and guys from cross movement a lot. having theology discussions and stuff. The dude knows his stuff.

Posted on 09-03-2004 by JesusFreak78239
What are all the names of the pop and rock stars? I only counted 38.

Posted on 11-16-2003 by Brian-Alexander
i really want this cd maybe i should buy it. Ive heard part 2 of dear slim and i think its cool. all of his songs are cool.

Posted on 11-16-2003 by Jeffrey
[QUOTE=Brian-Alexander]i really want this cd maybe i should buy it. Ive heard part 2 of dear slim and i think its cool. all of his songs are cool.[/QUOTE]


Posted on 11-17-2003 by SupaNova
Being a KJ fan I tried to like this album....really I did, but it just isn't up to par with his last two albums. A majority of ths songs on this record will remind you too much of the songs from "Collaborations". Besides the obvious "Dear Slim part 2"(which I really didn't mind) "Cartoon Network"="Nursey Rhymes", "So in love with you"="Sonshine", "Back in the Day"="Revenge of the Nerds", the list could go on and on. There are a few good original songs but there aren't enough of them to make "It's Pronounced Five-Two" great. I'd only recommend this album if you were looking for a solo version of "Collaborations".

Posted on 11-30-2004 by hardcorerocker
[QUOTE=skilletchick]I love "#1 Fan", it really happened, and KJ is my cousin! His real name is Jonah.[/QUOTE]
That's awesome he's your cousin! That's like really cool! lol, "It's Pronounced Five-Two" was okay...nothing really original, just like Collaborations, but I liked most of the songs. Some I just skipped through. "Dear Slim Pt.2", "Whoop Whoop", "Check Yourself", and "I'm Guilty", were my fave songs.

Posted on 12-05-2003 by Brian-Alexander
i'm getting it for my birhtday yeah

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