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Various Artists - !Hero: The Rock Opera (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Total votes: 6 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. This is How it Happened
2. A Few Good Men
3. Wedding Celebration
4. Fire of Love
5. Lost My Life With You
6. Man on a Mission
7. Secrets of the Heart
8. Stand Up and Walk
9. Do What You Gotta Do
10. Take My Hand
11. Love's Declaration
12. Raised In Harlem
13. They're Callin' Him Hero
14. Manna From Heaven
15. Hero

1. Leave Here
2. Stand By You
3. Say the Word
4. Intentions
5. Finally Home
6. Not in Our House
7. Murder on Their Minds
8. Party in the House Today
9. In Remembrance of Me
10. Shadowman
11. Hero's Agony
12. I Am
13. Kill the Hero
14. Execute
15. Intentions (reprise)
16. Hero (reprise)
17. Lose My Life with You (reprise)
18. He's Not Here
19. The Truth Comes Out

Posted on 05-10-2004 by Unregisted
hey, does anybody know where I could find guitar tabs for "Raised in Harlem"?

Posted on 06-16-2004 by alicias_friend9
i love this cd! i went and saw the show and loved it! Paul Write is such a hottie! And Rebecca St James is my rolemodel! And my dream is to meet her one day! And micheal Tait does and awsome job representing Jesus! I give this show a 500 outta 10!


Posted on 06-28-2004 by Unregisted
I love this CD and I loved it live!
On the website for !HERO, there is a special DVD Collector's Edition out, onky on the website!
The website is

Posted on 10-17-2003 by Jonular
Everything about !HERO aside, I think these two CDs are great. And it's long. Long is good.

There's some huge variety in this CD. There's the hip hop tracks by Paul Wright, there's the rap song Raised In Harlem, and there's the slow songs like Lost My Life With You.

IMO, this is a cool album going through Jesus' life on earth. Although there are a few references to !HERO characters, I think anyone will understand most of the CD without reading the !HERO trilogy books.


Posted on 11-15-2003 by Bass_Thug
Agreed... awesome cd. Although I haven't read the books or anything, I just read the cd insert and found out what was going on :D

Lots of good tracks on here, my favorites being "They're callin' him Hero," "Raised in Harlem," "Secrets of the Heart," and "Stand by You." A Variety of genres, all done very well to present the Gospel in today's language. I actually started to imagine what it really would be like if Jesus came to earth today for the first time.

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