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Stavesacre - Speakeasy (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.6 out of 10
Total votes: 5 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 4


1. Minuteman
2. Sundown Motel
3. Keep Waiting
4. You Know How It Is
5. Rivers Underneath
6. Gold and Silver
7. Freefall (From Hand to Hand)
8. St. Eriksplan
10. Disquiet
11. Fascination Street
12. This Love

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Posted on 02-19-2004 by Unregisted
For anyone who loves hardcore music with a salvation message, this is the album for you. There's not a track to miss for any reason. Mark Salomon is one of the greatest christian lyricists ever and the supporting cast doesn't get much better than Dirk, Sam and Ryan. This album gives christian rock a good name and is an awesome album to share with unbelievers just because it rocks so much. If you buy one rock(christian or non-christian) cd in your life make it Speakeasy. If you buy two rock records in your life buy it twice. It's that good!!

Posted on 06-22-2004 by Andrew
If you buy two in your life, buy this one, and Absolutes.

Darnit. Stavesacre is just so good it makes me well up in tears. Not usually. Really. Anyway. This CD is an ABSOLUTE ten. There are NO complaints I have with this CD. The lyrics are straight-forward and powerful. The vocals are destructively good. The music is VERY original, and well-done. Stavesacre is so perfect. Really.

Posted on 10-20-2004 by anathema
agreed. This, IMO, is Stavesacres best album yet. I listen to something from it at least once per day, and they are still my favorite band.

Read my Stavesacre - (stavz'a'ker) review for my opinion of Jeff's songwriting before and after he left.


Posted on 10-25-2003 by Muffinly
This cd rocks! Stavesacre is one of the best Rock bands out there. I was quite impressed with Speakeasy. The best songs on here are rivers underneath and Gold and Silver.

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