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Groves, Shaun - Twilight (2003)

Average User Rating: 9.17 out of 10
Total votes: 6 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. See You
2. Blank Page
3. Twilight
4. Need You More
5. Without You
6. Jesus
7. One of Those Days
8. To Be Honest
9. I Love You
10. God of Us
11. Here I Am

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Posted on 01-10-2004 by God's Jedi
Good good cd. Very worthy follow-up to Invitation to Eavesdrop.

Invitation to Eavesdrop had three big hits (Welcome Home, After the Music Fades, and Should I Tell Them), and a bunch of other songs that were very sing-able. Nothing on this album stands out like that to me. See You (which is very out of place on this album) is the closest thing.

See You is a very upbeat, energetic song. But after it, the gears shift dramatically. The rest of the album takes a huge swing to the more mellow, reverent sound. Mesa like dat. Twilight is one of my favs off this CD. And after the 11 main tracks are four hidden tracks. They are taken from some sort of live session. I can't remember exactly what they are...there's Abba Father, Your Renown, and a couple others from Invitation.

In closing, good good CD.

Posted on 01-22-2004 by fender4
This CD is great. It is a wonderful follow up to Groves' first album. It is mellow and more acoustic sounding, a wonderful contrast to the first CD. The songs aren't as catchy or radio friendly, but they are very real and emotional. A wonderful CD. I highly recomend it.

Posted on 02-13-2004 by hockeydad
I've heard just one or two cuts from Twilight and I have been trying to get but every place I check it is backordered.

Shaun is coming up this way on tour and I really want to catch the show. Any body seen him live?

Posted on 02-13-2004 by legionbenji
I really like the songs on this CD, but they don't have anything to unify them. Plus it's kind of short (of course the average CD is getting shorter every day). The songs are good, with strong lyrics, but there is really no unity in the style. It's just kind of random. Personally, liked Invitation to Eavesdrop better(by the way, that is the best CD title ever). Twilight(the CD as a whole, not the song) is just a little disjointed and inconsistent for me, although each song is really good. The only individual song complaint I have is the fact that To be Honest should have been recorded at a higher volume, cuz you can't hear it well without turnin up the volume really high. My favorite songs are Blank Page and Twilight. I love the imagery in Twilight; it is a very well written song. Unfortunately, all these great songs just don't much connection and there aren't quite enough of them. This is still a good CD though, and anyone who liked his first CD should definitely pick it up.

Posted on 03-25-2004 by dprairiedog
What a super album. I have seen Shaun in concert twice (and plan to see him a third nest month) and he is a sensational person. He's very funny and crowd-friendly on stage. He sets the mood for worship. Twilight is a great CD and I hope Shaun comes out with many more like it.

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