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East West - Hope in Anguish (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Total votes: 12 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 11

1. Vacant
2. Dwell
3. Drink Me
4. Seven
5. For Every Wish
6. Brutally Wrong
7. Murderer
8. Envy
9. The Final Say
10. Zero Hour
11. The Great Fašade
12. Carpe Noctum

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Posted on 04-01-2004 by lostinleftfield
twasn't very happy with the way they went on this one.. :-/

Posted on 04-22-2005 by Inked in Blood
the cds good i lost a bit of respect for it cause it started out really good and hard but it alot softer towards the end.they didnt really keep up the hard style they started the cd with.i thought the cd was pretty good tho

Posted on 07-02-2003 by Asax217
Good CD. Great intro's. The best Cd of the four they have out. The two things East West has to work on is how the vocals sound and to stop writing all the track in the same style. Over all, a pretty good Cd. Way to go East West.

Posted on 07-06-2003 by Jillsbf
This CD pretty much knocks me off my feet. I thought their previous two Cd's were gems, but this one for being different is very good. Not quite as much power, but the rhythms, melodies and lyrics blow my mind. I do wish there was more yelling, but that may just be me. I definitely recommend this disc to anyone looking for different music that they can listen to over and over again!

Posted on 07-09-2003 by bossman
do they still rap, or is it more hark rock and stuff?

Posted on 07-09-2003 by Jillsbf
I can't remember a single time they rap on this CD. I doubt they rap at all, it's just melodic rock that gets hard. With a couple exceptions the songs on the CD start slow with kind of weird intros, then go into a verse type sing-y part, then the chorus is a little bit harder than that, maybe another verse/chorus, then comes a middle really awesome hard rocking bridge. It gets kind of formulaic, and I find myself wishing the whole song sounded like the bridge, but for every song having almost the same layout it's still incredibly well written, has tight vocals and the music is still great, if a little weird at times. But no, no rap.

Posted on 07-10-2004 by Unregisted
East West is One of the most talented metal bands of all time. In this cd they are once again showing how talented they are by showing another side of themselves. Also this is just another way to show how diverse this band really can be. For instince in some of there cds they have mainly rap-rock, then in another cd they'll have mainly soft rock, another hard rock, then this cd is just mainly metal with a few soft songs thrown in the mix. Over all this band is great so is this cd. And if you dont like this cd than there will be another to fit you. Buy East West cds and you'll be happy.

Posted on 07-27-2003 by FreakShiny
I have to admit that when I first plugged this CD into my player I was very disappointed. I was so used to the hard, Static-X like rhythms of their last album and expected much more of the same.

However, the more I listen to it, I enjoy the fact that this band book their music to another level... they expanded their current style into a newer, more uniquely East West realm... and they do it quite well!

This CD is in my player most of the time right now and I love it more and more every time I listen to it!

Now... if they will only come to Idaho and play a concert... :D

Posted on 10-06-2004 by Bramo
Mike tubbs cut his hair

They came here to El Paso,TX They Rocked the place and I got their Jon hancock They ROCKED

Posted on 10-06-2004 by BillSPrestonEsq
Thought they lost a lot of their distinctive sound on this one.

Posted on 10-22-2003 by Skatelad
East West Hope in Anguish Is an awesome cd. go out and buy it. it is probally the best east west cd yet.

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