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Big Dismal - Believe (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.93 out of 10
Total votes: 15 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Remember
2. Just the Same
3. Reality
4. Hanging On
5. Run Away
6. Missing You
7. Too Pretty
8. Gave It All Away
9. Running Through My Mind
10. Losing You

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Posted on 01-24-2004 by bigpirate
This CD is great from start to finish... but that is just the thing... it finishes in 35 minutes! It is too short, I want more! Their sound is not a copy of anyone, though the lead singer (Eric) does have the same type of voice as Creed's Scott Stapp. Eric's voice is not as deep or harsh though, which makes for more clean sounding music. This CD JUST ROCKS!!! It was mixed very well to create a big sound, and the vocals are right on. It does not sound like a freshman release at all, and I look forward to more from these guys...

Posted on 01-28-2005 by 12StonesDude
They had one before this?
Anyways, this is an amazing release, the only song I didn't like to much was Missing You, otherwise, you can't go wrong, and they are great live as well.

Posted on 04-04-2005 by RockOn28
I really like this cd.

It's very sad that they broke up

Posted on 04-04-2005 by DKelly
[QUOTE=RockOn28]I really like this cd.

It's very sad that they broke up[/QUOTE]

What? They broke up? :confused:

I love this CD. I want to get it badly. :D :yep:

Posted on 05-08-2006 by Ghoose
simple as that a big 9.

Posted on 08-02-2003 by RelientK77
This debut album is sooo good! I give it a complete 10. Every song is good and it is worth every penny. I recommend listening to it and I guarantee you'll wanna buy it...some great music.

Posted on 11-05-2004 by njsk8rboy
awsome i love them and it doesnt sound like their freshman release

Posted on 11-08-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
From what I've heard it's pretty good. "Running through my mind" and "Remember" are sweet songs. I also heard "Just the Same" which is ok.

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