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Juliana Theory, The - Love (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.95 out of 10
Total votes: 19 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 12


1. Bring It Low
2. Do You Believe Me?
3. Shell of a Man
4. Repeating, Repeating
5. Congratulations
6. Jewel to Sparkle
7. White Days
8. The Hardest Things
9. DTM
10. Trance
11. In Conversation
12. Into the Dark
13. As It Stands
14. Everything

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Posted on 01-27-2004 by OneWithTheMud
Good CD. In some places it reminds me of Project 86 a little, and in others it reminds me of Trapt. I like it better than Emotion if Dead. It feels like it has more energy or something. I gave it a 9.

Posted on 01-27-2004 by Tenacious
This CD Rocks!
TJT and TFK are my fav bands:)

Posted on 01-29-2005 by Goodbye Monster
First song i heard of them. I fell in love with TJT right away!

Posted on 02-13-2005 by bleached
the jtheory is amazing and love is awsome. it ties with emotion is dead but definately beats understand that this is a dream. my favorite songs are probably white days,congratulations,and repeating,repeating. into the dark is an excellent song but is much better in emotion is dead.

Posted on 05-20-2004 by Kori
[I]Do You Believe Me?[/i] was the song that originally got me hooked on this awesome emo-band. Believe it or not it was because I thought it sounded like a song by [i]Our Lady Peace[/i] (All For You) that I liked... Come to think of it, they weren't too similiar... kind of.. but not too much.. But anyway, I'm glad I got this CD because it's incredible. After I heard [i]Everything[/i] I went and ordered the CD and I wasn't at all dissapointed. My favorite songs have got to be [i]Trance[/i], [i]Into the Dark[/i] and of course, the one that got me hooked, [i]Do you Believe me?[/i] Even though it's so hard to narrow it down to just a few since every song on this album rocks... even though [i]White Days[/i] rocks less than the rest of them. hahahha. I give this CD a 9 for being the best in its emotional category. I guess that all I have to say is, I love [i]Love[/i]. (haha)

Posted on 05-21-2004 by lizwrenne
muy fun-o! buy ito!

Posted on 05-21-2004 by BereanatHeart
This is an awesome cd! GO BUY IT!!!!

Posted on 08-26-2003 by Young Twig
This another amazing CD... Buy it...

Posted on 09-17-2003 by julianaTheory30
Simply awsome!!!! Go to the nearest store and buy it! Buy it now!
Why are you still here. Go buy it!

Posted on 09-18-2003 by John Clark
Another solid CD from TJT!

Posted on 12-15-2003 by Choppa™
If you enjoyed Emotion is Dead, than you won't be disappointed. Passionate Rock.

Posted on 12-30-2003 by roguenine19
Not as good as Emotion is Dead as a whole, that was a very well put together album. There's a lot of filler on Love (it's 14 tracks for a whopping 59 minutes of music, what did you expect?), but the best songs (White Days, Trance, Congratulations, there are a few more I can't think of) are much better than anything off of Emotion is Dead. You can get it for pretty cheap, so why don't you?

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