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Grammatrain - Flying (1997)

Average User Rating: 9.71 out of 10
Total votes: 7 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5


1. Jonah
2. Less of Me
3. Flying
4. Rocket Ship
5. Peace
6. Pain
7. Sell Your Soul
8. Fuse
9. Spider Web
10. Found in You
11. For Me

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Posted on 02-02-2006 by Strider
I love every one of their songs.

Posted on 02-10-2004 by don_springfield
I agree. I think Flying is a lot better than Lonely House. It has a lot of similar themes, but the music just rocks a lot more.

Posted on 03-04-2005 by budddj
The best songs on the album Grammatrain: Flying were Jonah, Less of Me, Flying, Peace, Pain, Sell Your Soul, Fuse, Spiderweb, and For Me. This album really rocks.

To Grammatrain: You made a really cool CD. I personally thought this CD rocked. Rock on.

Posted on 03-11-2004 by Unregisted
Flying is better if you like brighter rock, and I do enjoy it. However I prefer their darker edgier stuff, too.

Posted on 06-03-2003 by meatfinger
Better than the first. This one is a solid ten.

Best tracks = Flying, Found in You, Pain, Jonah, Fuse

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