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Tourniquet - Crawl to China (1997)

Average User Rating: 7 out of 10
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Total comments: 4


1. Claustrospelunker
2. Crawl to China
3. Enveloped in Python
4. White Knucklin' the Rosary
5. If I Was There
6. The Tell-Tale Heart
7. Bats
8. Propioception
9. Tire Kicking
10. If Pigs Could Fly
11. Crank the Knife
12. Stumblefoot
13. Imaginary Friend
14. Going, Going....
15. America

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Posted on 03-30-2013 by akeldama

Posted on 05-24-2003 by beanie
I've only heard the CD (and even then, only some of the songs) once but they are pretty good. The lyrics are grand. The first time I head them sing "Crawl to China" it didn't sound like they're saying that at all.

Posted on 05-24-2003 by Sean
I really enjoy this CD. There just lots of enjoyable songs and theres variety in the songs. This album is a lot more accesible compared to their early releases, but thats a good thing. Their earlier stuff, while good in its own, came off as fairly generic. Of the albums I've heard, this one was definately the strongest. I've heard that "Vanishing Lessons" is really good too, but since the CD is out of print, its almost impossible to find. My only complaint is that the lyrics are often very cheesy.


Enveloped in Python
If I was There
If Pigs Could Fly
Crawl to China
White Knucklin the Rosary

Posted on 07-19-2003 by Gott ist kühl
yes, this album is really cool. the vocals are awesome! and the lyrics rock!

[QUOTE=beanie]The first time I head them sing "Crawl to China" it didn't sound like they're saying that at all.[/QUOTE]

lol! i didnt think they were saying that either! hahaha

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