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Further Seems Forever - How to Start a Fire (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.74 out of 10
Total votes: 19 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 33

1. How To Start A Fire
2. The Sound
3. A Blank Page Empire
4. Against My Better Judgement
5. I Am
6. Pride War
7. On Legendary
8. Insincerity As An Artform
9. The Deep
10. Aurora Borealis (in long form)

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Posted on 01-29-2005 by Goodbye Monster
It is amazing. I love THe Sound

Posted on 03-20-2004 by Rob
And that song would be.....

Posted on 03-21-2004 by Mathaytace ><>
I am

seems blasphemous to me

Posted on 03-23-2004 by Ardent1
What made you think that? (Particular lines..)

Posted on 03-23-2004 by Mathaytace ><>

"you could protect me, but you will kill me when you are through"

Again, I am not closeminded, I have been wrong about things before, but this does seem Blasphemous.

Posted on 03-24-2004 by Ardent1
I think that line talks about how people can keep God with them in their hearts and still sin against Him.

Posted on 04-15-2004 by Opie
they are blasphemous yet in their credits they thank Yeshuah and El Shaddai and God and in most of the songs some christian relevance is found...I don't know if I'm misinterpreting so correct me if I'm wrong...I know its all so very subjective... but I think I agree with my friend above with the whole we can love God but still sin against Him because that kills Him inside...aunno doesn't seem that horrible to me...

Posted on 04-15-2004 by Mathaytace ><>
I am not trying to be controversial or fight, but to simply figure it out.

Posted on 04-15-2004 by Mathaytace ><>
Another problem with the song, if you can help me, is it seems that God is portrayed as unpredictable, contradictory statements.

Posted on 05-04-2003 by yeah_im_a_freak
The Sound and Pride war are both awesome songs. I don't have the cd but i've heard those songs and they sound pretty good

Posted on 05-31-2003 by Young Twig

The End.


Posted on 06-24-2003 by screechismyhero
This album is, quite frankly, one of the best i have ever heard. Further Seems Forever has reinvented their sound since "the moon is down". they have become tighter and more focused. lyrically, this album is uplifting and relevant. run, don't walk to get this one. :D

Posted on 06-24-2003 by SenorPapaCabasa
i agree.... i wasnt sure if i would like FSF after chris departed, but this cd rocks!

Posted on 06-24-2003 by screechismyhero
yeah, me too. i actually like them better now. i think chris's voice matches so much better with an acoustic (dashboard confessional).

Posted on 06-24-2003 by SenorPapaCabasa
me too, ahh, i love it.....

Posted on 06-24-2003 by SenorPapaCabasa
on the subject of FSF...... who all has heard the cover of Say It Aint So..... wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head...

Posted on 06-24-2003 by Young Twig
[QUOTE=SenorPapaCabasa]on the subject of FSF...... who all has heard the cover of Say It Aint So..... wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head...[/QUOTE]
What about the cover of Bye BYe Bye... :rolleyes: It was pretty funny the first time I heard it though... :)

ut yes, that is an awesome cover. The version with Jason is much better than the version with Chris.

Posted on 07-17-2003 by Ardent1
This CD is utterly astounding.
After hearing this album, FSF became my favorite band (besides P.O.D. of course...hehe). The music and the artwork, the layout and everything about [u]How to Start a Fire[/u] is a masterpiece. This album is the inspiration for many things in my life (including my site and forums!) :D and I know whoever listens to it will be inspired as well.
A combination of the usual emotional sound, rock, and hints of blues along with the band's stellar lyrics. Newcomer Jason Gleason really had his work cut out for him, but I think Jason has a better vocal depth than Chris ever had. It is that and Chad Neptune and Co.'s straight-out [i]music[/i] that make this album a 10.

Posted on 07-26-2003 by Jonular
This album is AWESOME. It really has grown on me. Didn't really LOVE it to start out with, but I've discovered their talent now. Jason has talent, too. Which some people in the CCM scene lack, and they're in a genre where they need to have vocal talent. I can't compare him to the old vocalist, though, because I don't have their older album.


Posted on 07-27-2003 by Mr.Zachcore
great is next inline for me to listen to today as soon as i get done with the one that is in right now but anyway this CD is great i love his voice and how tight the band is...great stuff

Posted on 08-10-2003 by lucid849
on legendary is the best song on the cd, hands down.

i still dont know if i like this cd as much as i love 'the moon is down'. i like several of the new songs, but i love nearly all their older songs from the previous album.

i'll say this: they have definitely reinvented their sound. both chris and jason have amazing voices. they have some good songs on the new album. they have all good songs on their last album.

enough said.

Posted on 08-22-2003 by Jeffrey
This is a good album, but not as good as the first. Much of this feels more like "The Moon Is STILL Down" as opposed to a fresh start. Jason's voice is good, but oddly seems to make them sound more like a CCM Christian rock band as opposed to the pop/hardcore fellows they are. The lyrics are okay but seem very much like leftovers from the first album. "How to Start a Fire" and "The Sound" are okay songs musically but contain very cliched, trite "emo" lyrics and images. They just don't seem to have grown much. "The Moon Is Down" was an incredible album, and "How to Start a Fire" is just lacking. I think Jason has a good voice, but Chris' voice fit better. It felt more urgent, more vulnerable.

Posted on 08-23-2003 by punker15
and what in the world is that strange album cover supposed to mean????

Posted on 08-23-2003 by Jeffrey
[QUOTE=punker15]and what in the world is that strange album cover supposed to mean????[/QUOTE]

Means they don't want the kids to think they're not as emo as Thursday.

Posted on 08-23-2003 by Art
I've only heard parts of a few songs, but I erally really like it.

Posted on 08-23-2003 by Opie
I really really really like what I've heard so far...I downloaded a few of the songs like the title track and a few others and it really kicks my tail...on my current list of go buy this CD whenever I get money

Posted on 08-24-2003 by Ardent1
[QUOTE=Art]I've only heard parts of a few songs, but I erally really like it.[/QUOTE]
to hear the whole thing, go to
[quote=punker15]and what in the world is that strange album cover supposed to mean????[/quote] it's a person starting a fire in another person's heart. figure it out. :rolleyes:

Posted on 08-25-2003 by Art
Yeah, I've been there. That's where I heard what I heard. The songs take too long to load on my 56 k.

Posted on 09-10-2005 by Andrew
This is an amazing CD. Not as good as "Hide Nothing" or "The Moon is Down".

But an eight, and deserving of every bit of that.

Posted on 09-11-2005 by thesteve
first i gave it a 6, for the reasons that Jeffry already laid out.

second, given that "I am" is God, then "You" would be not God...I don't see the blasphemy.

Posted on 11-01-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
[QUOTE=Goodbye Monster] I love THe Sound[/QUOTE]
That song rocks, personally I liked Hide Nothing better though.

Posted on 12-07-2003 by Visirale
At first I didn't like it as much as "The Moon Is Down", but now I like it ten times more. The new vocalist is so much better suited for this kind of music. I love dashboard with a passion too, so I'm glad Chris is doing something better now.

On Ledgendary is just a freaking beautiful song. The transition from the soft into the harder part is just amazing.

Insincerity is pretty dang good too... Heck they are all pretty amazing.


Posted on 12-07-2003 by Mathaytace ><>
I used to own this album, but destroyed it....

A song ticked me off....

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