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Everyday Sunday - Stand Up (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.89 out of 10
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1. Stand Up
2. Don't Leave
3. Hanging On
4. Just A Story
5. Live For You Tonight
6. Lose It Again
7. Mess With Your Mind
8. Sleeper
9. This Time
10. Wait
11. Would You Leave

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Posted on 01-11-2004 by shortyduhop3
Everyday Sunday ~ Stand Up

The Sound: Aggressive guitar driven melodic pop/ rock: almost beachy and 80s like rock)

The Similarities: Everyday Sunday carries slight similarities to Audio Adrenaline, Seven Day Jesus, Bleach, and 80’s bands like The Cure

The Stars: 7 (out of 10)

The Skinny: Everyday Sunday is a fun, youthful band that will no doubt draw attention from fans of all kinds because of their ability to write songs with words that can be interpreted differently by different people. It can be very fun and catchy however this disc falls short in the way of creativity and originality, and while at times its exciting, it can just as easily be dull at other times.

The Stories & Songs: Everyday Sunday is made up of four close friends from a youth group in Columbus, Ohio. They put out their indie project, Sleeper in 2001(which featured the hit “Just a Story”). Shortly after that, they began opening for acts like Audio Adrenaline, Plumb, Pax 217, Earthsuit, All star United, and Skillet. They apparently caught the attention of Flicker Records (which was founded by three Audio Adrenaline members), because they soon put out Stand Up. Led by the vocals and songwriting of Trey Pearson, Everyday Sunday produces some catchy songs on this album. I was immediately interested after hearing the bouncy opener, “Would You Leave”. But after listening to the words (“Every time I go up, I eventually go down/ But then I go back up/And it seems like a round/ I wish I could stay up all the day/ But I know some times it wont go that way/ So what I’m asking you is what should I do?) I was left feeling a bit confused on its real meaning. Is it a song about our changing attitudes in life, or is it about how sometimes we go strong for Christ and then fail Him later, following a sick cycle carousel? I’m not really sure. And that is the beauty of their music. You can grab meaning out of some of the words of the song, and your friend might hear something else. At times the songs are very flavorful and very catchy (“Wait”, “Live For You Tonight”, “Just a Story”) other times, its just downright boring to hear repetitive guitar led rock with words you don’t really understand the meaning of.(“Mess With Your Mind”, “This Time”). For one, guitarist Andrew Martin seems to do all right with his guitar effects, but includes very few solo’s. And the song that did initially catch my ears “Would You Leave” is based only on a 3-chord melody. Dan Hunter who plays the bass and Chris Hines, the drummer, both seem like adequate musicians, but nothing really sticks out in their simple bass patterns and similar drum rhythm. However it’s not all bad. My favorite song on the album is “Hanging On”, a song about finding comfort in what we, as Christians have found. Trey says, “Everybody’s looking for that comfort and something to gratify themselves and feel good about themselves. Everybody wants something, whether they try to find it in girls or guys, alcohol or drugs, or even in jobs and stuff like that. Everybody’s out there looking when what they need is just right here. We’ve found that and we’re hanging on to that with everything we’ve got. It’s not saying that it’s always easy and things will always be easy, but about having that comfort even when times are hard.” Another sure favorite is “Stand Up” a quote of my friend, “coffee-house” acoustic song that is very simple, but also very meaningful. “Sleeper” is taken right out of the New Testament, and “Don’t Leave”, which seems like a piece of encouragement to a fellow believer to stay strong in the faith even when times are hard. Michael Tait is even featured in a few of the songs (“Hanging On”, “Stand Up”) The good out-does the bad for sure. And I’m torn between my love for fun catchy songs and serious songwriting with these guys. It seems like maybe a second album would show them for who they really are. This first album could be just them trying to find out where they are and what they want to sound like. There is potential here for a great, great band. But for now, this is a good first project with a few bumps to smooth out.

The Summary: Any album under 5(stars out of 10) is probably not good to buy, maybe just good to borrow from a friend. This album is a 7, which is a mild recommendation to buy. It’s worth the money but just be prepared for a few stops here and there. These guys will be putting out albums for awhile and they will get better for sure. :thumbsup:

Posted on 04-24-2003 by ak-man
ha! I like this cd, even if no one else does :kwink:

it sounds a little like relient k, lifehouse, and dc talk, with a little bit of oldies added just for fun. has very good melody in it (not too much in the way of solos, but that's fine).

the lyrics can be confusing if you don't listen and think about them for awhile, but are quite satisfying.

basically the only thing i don't like about it is that the midrange is kinda low on the cd. nothing a good eq wouldn't fix, though.

it has a sense of being down to earth, like- that's what's going on in your head.

anyways, i hope they make another cd

Posted on 05-31-2003 by OneWithTheMud
I also like this CD. I saw them at Festival Con Dios... they're pretty cool. My favorite songs are Wait, Stand Up, and every other song on the CD. It's just an all around great CD.

Posted on 06-06-2004 by ChristianPunk91
[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][FONT=Century Gothic]EverydaySunday's CD Stand Up is sooooo cool! I love them so so so much!!! Their songs are really awesome. My favorite is probably Wait or Sleeper or Lose it Again. :yep: [/FONT] [/COLOR] [/SIZE]

Posted on 07-24-2004 by xLoseItAgainx
Everyday Sunday is the best band ever. I recently saw them live at YFEST. And they were awesome. These guys have amazing talent. Their album "Stand Up" is incredible. My favorite songs on this album are Sleeper, Wait, Lose It Again, Hanging On, Dont Leave, and Would You Leave. :yep: :angel: :rofl:

Posted on 10-07-2005 by Small
I like this CD a lot, it shows some potential, to repeat, one of their bigger problems is originality, but I like the general feel, nice, shallow pop-punk... I'd recommend this to most anyone. The best tracks are Wait, Lose it Again, Hanging On and Just a Story.

Posted on 12-16-2003 by Unregisted
These guys have a lot of potential in the future. Their lyrics are outstanding, the harmonizing vocals go well with the style of music they play. I have no reason to doubt that these guys won't make it big if they keep it up and give God all the glory.

favorite songs are hanging on, and stand up

Posted on 12-16-2003 by Cataplum!
Everyday Sunday rocks. I like what the songs talk about. "Wait" is a pretty cool song and was totally unexpected for me. Fave songs are all of them!

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