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Headnoise - Headnoise (Remix) (2002)

Average User Rating: 10 out of 10
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1. Rush Hour on Skid Row
2. The Solution
3. Straight Dope
5. The Facsinating World of Trash
6. Unity
7. Save Me
8. Fight for What is Right
9. Love
10. Breaking the Bubblegum Image
11. Walk in You
12. Sky is Falling
13. Hypocrite Regret
14. My Life
15. Johnny X
16. Slimey Creatures
17. Live Radio Footage

Posted on 02-10-2004 by julianaTheory30
I couldn't have said it better diedaily
it is and amazing CD. It brings back the old school punk like the Sex Pistols.
Simply amazing!!
GO buy the CD right now!!!!

Posted on 08-28-2003 by Diedaily
This album is great from start to finish.
All them watered down pop/punk bands out there could learn a thing or two from Headnoise about real punk music.
This ain't no Good Charlotte or Relient K; this is more like the female fronted version of The Sex Pistol. Anyways, if you like that hardcore old school kinda punk, you'd probably love this album.

Standout Tracks: "Rush Hour On Skid Row", "The Facsinating World of Trash, "Fight for What is Right", "Love", "Hypocrite Regret", "My Life", and "Slimey Creatures".

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