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Calibretto 13 - Adventures in Tokyo (2002)

Average User Rating: 10 out of 10
Total votes: 8 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 6

1. Why Can't I Be On MTV?
2. Dear Beelzebubba
3. Cruisin' The Strip
4. Sheep Of The U.S.
5. From Me To You
6. Hollywood (Is Burning Down)
7. I'll Show The World
8. The Night They Took You
9. Father
10. The Proposal
11. I'll Talk To You Tomorrow
12. America

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Posted on 05-18-2003 by sixzirens
this cd rocks, plain and simple. raw acoustic punk. the anger and passion in the singer's voice is incredible, especially when combined with his scathing attack on American culture as a whole. rock on and rock out.

Posted on 06-21-2003 by Greg34
ya it's good.

Posted on 06-22-2003 by Pick it up!

Posted on 07-15-2003 by georgey
Joe's vocals are outstanding, and his heart really comes out in this project. straight up punk-inspired dork rock. how about a hand for calibretto....though their new album is a bit heavy on the hammond organ....this album however is a cross between the Dead Kennedys and the violent femmes. Overall, the america bashing is very, very narly.

Posted on 07-22-2003 by SupaNova
This is by far, one of the most Christian albums I have ever listened too. While some artists wear honesty on their sleeves, Calibretto 13 goes a step further and rips their sleeves off. Joe Whiteford is one of greatest songwriters ever and his takes on the downfall of America's pop culture can be funny at times, yet alays leave you with something to think about. The only bad songs on the disc are "Hollywood is Burning Down" (where aliens attack Hollywood) and "The Night they took You" (a lament to joe's stolen guitar), but the good here far outways the bad.

Posted on 07-30-2003 by dying2live
i absolutly LOVE this band, especially on this CD, it's my personal fave :) and hey i even love "hollywood is burning down" and "the night they took you" :yep:

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