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Audio Adrenaline - Worldwide (2003)

Average User Rating: 8.65 out of 10
Total votes: 55 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 24

1. Worldwide:One
2. Church Punks
3. Dirty
4. Go And Be
5. Pierced
6. Strong
7. Pour Your Love Down
8. Leaving Ninety-Nine
9. Miracle
10. Worldwide:Two
11. Start A Fire
12. Ocean Floor Radio Remix

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Posted on 01-22-2005 by Unregisted
ITs ok but not as good as "Underdog". I Give it a 7

Posted on 01-31-2005 by Unregisted
these guys are truely awesome!!! ive never known such a band to write such amazing songs every cd!! this had to grow on me as it was a little bit different to the others but now i cant get the songs out of my head especially leaving 99. so good to see these guys rockin for sumthing greater than themselves and they make that clear when they perform. when i saw them it was the best moment of my life (I got to sing with mark n i got bens drum sticks!!!) ..definately the best band in the world!

Posted on 02-01-2005 by coolguy4553
this cd is awesome.......i really cant say i have a favorite song........they all are really really good

Posted on 02-01-2005 by rockonn91
audio adrenaline rocks.

i like worldwide 1, start a fire, an get dirty.

cuz those ones are the rock n roll ones
i mean ther all good but i love those ones :rofl:

wat other of their cd's have that rock n roll sound?

Posted on 03-01-2003 by dcaudiopc3fan
This cd rocks. it is mostly real hard stuff which rocks and tyler has an aswome voice. i can really tell they were in the studio for over a month. the bes audio a cd ever, actually its probably better than any other cd in the world. ten.

Posted on 03-03-2003 by Mugga Please
this cd is a good cross between their old sound and new worshipy sound. its not as much full rock out songs..but the ones that are on there are awesome. and ty does a sweet job on the vocals on two of the prediction is if audio a breaks up he'll start his own band w/ a switchfoot sound probably. but ya good cd.

Key songs: worldwide, dirty, miracle, start a fire

Posted on 03-03-2003 by jude
i really do love this cd,
perhaps it seems a little rushed, but i still like it a lot.
key songs-- worldwide
leaving ninety-nine (this song just left me speechless)

Posted on 04-04-2003 by punker15
audio adrenaline's best album yet! i love how it mixes the sounds of lift and bloom together to form an awesome style. while being a pure rock 'n roll album it makes no compromises when it comes to lyrics.

mark stuart's voice is truly one of a kind! (what a coincidence that his last name is stuart)

i just love it when tyler starts jamming. tyler has an awesome voice, too.

will's mohawk rocks! he is one sweet bass player

ben is a very talented drummer.

any band that has stuck together for over 10 years is amazing.

i give the cd a 10.

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Posted on 04-16-2007 by redeemed_by_God
Awesome CD! Mark and Tyler are at possibly their best between the times of Underdog and Until My Heart Caves In.

Posted on 04-20-2003 by Unregisted
yeah...tyler rocks!!!!
he rips that guitar up!!!!! :D
he is like my main guitar influence!
i want him to sign my geetar!
that's my dream guitar! ohhh yeeah!
they are all really talented and gifted people!
God has really blessed them....and it's so rad that they use that gift to glorify the Lord!
i love that they are filled with God's awesomeness and that they aren't afraid to show it!!

i give this record a 10...a very BIG 10!


Posted on 05-07-2003 by kupcguitarkid
Note: I only bought this cd a day ago

Good cd

It's a lot of pure Audio A rock, with a focus on missions. We can see this from songs like Worldwide 1 and 2, Dirty, Start a Fire, Church Punks. Audio A these days seems to be all about empowering listeners to preach the gospel. The others are standard Audio A fare, stil some great stuff. "Pierced" is some of the best stuff Audio A has done.

Music wise, the biggest gripe I have about this album is the length of these songs. Only two of twelve pass 4 minutes, and one of them is a remix. Otherwise, I like the cd's overall rock sound. Some of the songs get a little worn with so much noise, like Church Punks.

If you liked Underdog, you should like this, although in my opinion, Underdog was (musically) a far superior album. Worldwide is all about missions, a topic sometimes overlooked.

Strong: Pierced, Start a Fire, Worldwide One and Two, Leaving 99
Weak: Church Punks (less than two minutes long), Strong (this opinino may change)

Posted on 07-06-2003 by Unregisted
The best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audio A is doing a lot of good with their talent. Harder than Lift, but it's still really good. Pierced is their best since ocean Floor.

Posted on 07-17-2003 by God's Jedi
Leaving 99, Church Punks, Worldwide 1, and every other song on here are amazing. I heard them do most of these in concert, and I was blown away by how good they are.

Posted on 07-17-2003 by phreneticus
I think that Pierced is an incredible song and I love Church Punks too! Audio A are awesome! Rock on!

Posted on 07-17-2004 by kj52rox
AA Worldwide is pretty good but I like their hard rock songs and cd's more. Im a hard rock kind of guy so I say my favourite songs are Worldwide 1 and 2, Churchpunks is OK, Dirty, Start a Fire and my fav worship song is Ocean Floor, Leaving 99 is good too but I prefer Ocean Floor. I would say you should get this CD if you a worship/rock guy.

Posted on 07-27-2003 by Peter
I really tried to like this album, cause I really like Audio A, but the more I tried, the more I just kept hitting 'skip' thinking 'there's gotta be something else on here'.

The problem, in my opinion, is that AA have tried to recreate the success of 'hands and feet' - but with a scattergun approach - it's almost like they thought, 'why write anohter hands and feet when we can write 6!' I never thought hands and feet was such a good song to begin with...

Church Punks is cool, even if it sounds a bit too much like Blur's Song 2 colliding with The Vines...It's the only time the album really rocks. Strong takes a cue from 'Bloom' (Audio A's peak) while Start a Fire sounds like they wandered into a KISS concert and hit 'record'!

All in all, AA are a good band, but this album doesn't stretch them, it's a case of same-ol' stuff in a different key...

Posted on 07-29-2003 by OneWithTheMud
It's not a bad CD, but my first impression was, "Wow, there's nothing special here." In my own personal opinion, their old stuff is better. I'm more of a bloom-era fan and not much of a lift-era fan. So there's my 2 cents.

BTW... I think I gave it a 6

Posted on 07-29-2004 by bmcneal
I don't guess that I don't LIKE this CD as much as that it is overshadowed by their previous work. Lift is much better.

Posted on 07-31-2005 by DKelly
Easily my favorite Audio CD.

1. "Worldwide; 1"-Starts off with a really good rocking songs on the CD. Starts off with a cool drum intro, and then hits hard with a great all-around rockin' sound before Mark starts singing. Right after each chorus, there is a cool guitar riff mixed with sweet drumming and good bass work. Tyler shows in this song how well he can play the guitar and add good background vocal work. Not only that, but Ben shows why he is one of the best CCM drummers out there. Song rating - 10/10

2. "Church Punks"-One of the fastest songs Audio has done. Starts off with a killer punkish/rockish intro that is a little different than what you normally hear from the boys. Even then, it's a cool thing. The lyrics are cool; basically the song is a call to overlooked church teens to step out and start a "truth rebellion". The only problem with this CD is that it is way too short. It would have been much more awesome had it been longer. Song rating - 8/10

3. "Dirty"-Starts out with a cool guitar-driven intro. The main reason I like this song is because it calls us Christians to step out of our comfort zones and "get dirty" so we can show to the world that, as Christians, we are different than everyone else.
Song rating - 9/10

4. "Go and Be"-Another song with lyrics used to call us out from our comfort zones. It tells us that, as Christians, we need to step out and help people all over the world instead of pushing them away so we can stay in our little comfort zones; for me, that would be my youth group. This songs reminds me that there other people out there that I could help instead of just staying in my youth group and forgetting the world outside for an hour and fifteen minutes. Song rating - 10/10

5. "Pierced"-An amazing worship song. This is one of the softer songs on the CD. Tyler, the guitarist, does most of the singing, and trust me, he does an amazing job at it. I'm not kidding; he could start up his own band if he wanted to. This is a song that touches the heart. It talks about wanting to be used by God in any situation he puts us in. One of the best songs on this CD. Song rating - 10/10

6. "Strong"-Another good song. This one has about the same message as "Pierced". Basically, it's saying that we need to be strong so that we can be used by God in any situation and that he'll restore us if we fall along the way. Song rating - 8/10

7. "Pour Your Love Down"-Another beautiful worship song. It's a plea to God to cover us with His love and to comfort us when we feel alone. Song rating - 7.5/10

8. "Leaving 99"-Another song sung mainly by Tyler. The softest song on the CD. Basically, Tyler is singing that he is feeling alone, but that God reminds him that he isn't. It also talks about Tyler following God as the journey takes him out of his comfort situations. Song rating - 8.5/10

9. "Miracle"-Starts out with a cool guitar riff, then Tyler starts singing again. This song talks about God turning the singer's life upside down and turning it into a miraclie, hence the name Song rating - 8/10

10. "Worldwide; 2"-The second hardest song on the song. Starts out with a hard guitar-driven intro mixed with synths. It might have sounded better without all the synth stuff, but that isn't much of a problem considering the song in and of itself is GREAT! The song has about the same message as "Worldwide; 1", which shouldn't be surprising. Song rating - 10/10

11. "Start a Fire"-The hardest rocker on the CD. The cool thing is this song is played live. There are truly awesome guitars on this song. It talks about being a city on a hill for everyone to see. There is a sick guitar solo on this song, which makes it only better than it already is. Song rating - 10000/10(I had to do that. I just had to.)

12. "Ocean Floor Radio Remix"-Another soft song. This is also a very good song. This is a softer version of a song done on their last CD "Lift". This song is about God taking away our sins and leaving them on the ocean floor so we can forget all about them. Song rating - 9/10

Overall rating - 9/10 Not the perfect CD, but almost. A must for any fan of rock or Audio Adrenaline.

Posted on 08-19-2005 by ChurchPunk 2
Awesome CD! I wish all the songs were rockish, cause I am not a huge fan of slow songs, but atleast the slow songs were done well. Cant wait for the new CD.

Posted on 12-01-2003 by ericstocchero
It's the greatest CD ever, they show how to rock, with their brit-pop sound and sometimes 70's sound.
They show who are the best christian band ever, much better than this ones with imitations of Limp Bizkit.
The bands of the 90's are much better than the bands of any other time!!!

I gave it a 10!

Posted on 12-05-2003 by royalruckusfan
I wish they hadn't changed so much. It all started with Lift. Either Underdog or Bloom is my favorite AudioA album.

Worldwide starts out great with songs such as Worldwide: 1 and Churchpunks but then it mellows down a bunch.

But overall, It's a solid album. And even if they did change their style to a more worshipy sound, they'll always be one of my alltime favorite bands.

Posted on 12-21-2003 by SAKilgour
This is the hardest hitting Audio Adrenaline CD ever. If you say that Worldwide isn't 10/10, you must have been listening to another CD!!! Miracle just roars. If you didn't like it all that much, get it on a decent stereo on full ball! This brings out about the best guitar work you'll ever hear and a rockin' full-on bass that is just tops. The CD is 10/10, but miracle is 50/10! Audio Adrenaline should come to Australia, as I want to go to one of their concerts, but I'd need an airline ticket to the USA to go! Come to Albury! You guys are the best band ever! :giverose: :hair: :thumbsup: :cowgirl: :cowboy: :D

Posted on 12-28-2003 by Unregisted
Audioa did a great job on this cd. One of their best. Tyler really rocked on the song worldwide and Leaving 99 was awsome. Their songs were very clever and had great meaning to them. They really hit the spot on the this cd for great songs. I give them a 10.
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