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2nd Chapter of Acts - 20: 1972-1992 (1992)

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1. Jesus Is
2. Looking At God's Son
3. I'm So Happy
4. Which Way The Wind Blows
5. Easter Song
6. Last Day Of My Life
7. Prince Song
8. Hey, Whatcha Say
9. Medley: Morning Comes When You Call - The Son Comes Over The Hill
10. Keep On Shining
11. Something Tells Me
12. Rod And Staff
13. Mansion Builder
14. Starlight, Starbright
15. Lighting Flash
16. Well, Haven't You Heard?
17. Are You Going To Narnia
18. Son Of Adam, Daughter Of Eve
19. He's Broken Thru
20. Rejoice
21. Bread Of Life
22. Nobody Can Take My Life
23. Heaven Came To Earth
24. Mountain Tops
25. I Fall In Love - Change
26. Room Noise
27. Takin' The Easy Way
28. Beware My Heart
29. Spin Your Light
30. No One Will Have A Secret
31. Night Light
32. That's Not Nice To Say
33. Heartstrings
34. He's The Light
35. Humble Yourself
36. Sing Over Me
37. Maybe Some Other Day
38. Take It To The World
39. You Are All In All
40. Just One Word
41. Star

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