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Camp, Jeremy - Stay (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.15 out of 10
Total votes: 79 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 34

1. Understand
2. Right Here
3. Walk By Faith
4. Stay
5. All The Time
6. I Still Believe
7. One Day At A Time
8. Breaking My Fall
9. Nothing
10. I Know You're Calling
11. Take My Life
12. In Your Pesence

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Posted on 01-17-2007 by Guitaress
Stay is my faveorite Jeremy Camp cd! I love the rosck edge to it!

Almost every song has a rock edge!

Posted on 01-24-2004 by bigpirate
Yeah, this CD rocks... it is on sale at Family Christian for 9.99 so I finally stopped bumming off of my friends and got this one myself... it is amazing. I can't wait for his worship project.

Posted on 02-12-2003 by Canes305
Jeremy Camp's "Stay" CD is as close to rock and roll perfection as I have heard in years. Not a bad cut on this disk. What immediately blows me away is that you are listening to someone who could have amazing success in the secular world but chose a higher calling. This young man has all the makings of a Creed, Nickelback or Lifehouse -- or better. Instead he choses to write from the heart. Each of his songs is a personal cry out to the Lord. His vocals, lyrics and textured guitars mech perfectly in each song. A track by track listing.

1) "Understand" -- A solid, straight forward rock anthem. A perfect way to start the 12 song experience. Some great breaks and build ups. Ends with a bang but only after a non stop, in your face rock and roll ride.

2) "Right Here" -- Beautifully crafted and radio friendly. Lyrically it is wonderful. A strong, catchy sing along chorus and an inspiring message -- when down, He is always with you.

3) "Walk By Faith" -- A little of an Edwin McCain ballad-esque feel to this one but with that JC flavor that each of his songs has. Might sound a little reminicent of someone else but takes on a style and personality of its own. The title says it all. Faith is the answer. Beautiful string section accents a classic ballad. Seems like the type of song Creed would love to write but they don't have the guts. Jeremy goes for the jugular lyrically. Speaks from the heart and let's his King know exactly why he will be faithful no matter what the situation. The back up vocals and "hallelujah" chant at the end gives me chills. It seems to come out of nowhere and just takes over the rest of the song.

4) "Stay" -- Probably my favorite cut. Love the guitar effects during the beginning verse as the bass and drums drive the song. The prechorus is tight and the chorus just explodes. The last line of the chorus "throw your burdens all away" hits home for me. The kind of song that makes you look in the mirror and makes you ponder what IT is truly all about. Camp is definitely bringing this from a deep place and you can tell he means every word of it.

5) "All The Time" -- A straight forward rocker. Cool breaks and changes. Diverse rhythm during the verse and a standard chorus. Not my favorite track but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else listed this as their all time fave. I do like the change that comes at 2:15. Very cool. Then goes right back to a cool break. Love how they stop tape at 2:41. Nice recording effect.

6) "I Still Believe" -- Another ballad type cut with beautiful acoustic guitars, volume swells and a string section. Like a Creed "With Arms Wide Open" -- but better. Lyrically a modern masterpiece. The perfect letter to write to the Lord after we have just experienced a worldly tragedy. A way to affirm to him that we didn't understand what just happened, we know it was part of his plan, accept and reaffirm our faith in Him.

7) "One Day At A Time" -- Another one of my favs. Love the background guitars in the verse and the way the chorus hits you like a punch in the face. Big guitars and very reminicent of Nickelback (but better!) Lyrically again he is crying out to the Lord and just reaffirming where he is coming from. You can tell that Camp's faith has been tested and his lyrics are to constantly let the Lord know that he is not questioning Him.

8) "Breaking My Fall" -- Nice acoustic fingerpicking to begin the tune. Great percussion and effects throughout the whole song. Nice vocal pattern in the chorus and harmonies. Vocal effects occur throughout the whole song. Fun to listen to in headphones. Love the little subtle rhythm changes and fills. A great song all the way around.

9) "Nothing" -- Very smooth tune. The guitar in the background of the chorus reminds me of something you'd hear in a classic Led Zeppelin acoustic cut. Love the vocal effects as the song begins. It sets the tone. Camp's voice is perfect for this song.

10) " I Know You're Calling" -- Very Lifehouse-esque. A great song. Strong lyrics but just a perfectly crafted slow rock song. Love how the prechorus sets up the chorus and how he almost goes falsetto in the chorus. This song floors me. It was on his last CD "Burden Me" and this new and improved version has a few extra benefits of a better recording. A little more polished without losing the true sense of a well written song.

11) "Take My Life" -- The hardest rocker on the disk. Musically dark yet lyrically bright if you understand the message. The rhythm guitar reminds me of Candlebox's "You." Chorus has that big Nickelback like guitar. Camp's influences are always felt but he takes it all, mixes it up and makes it his own.

12) "In Your Presence" -- Beautiful all throughout. I hear a little Matchbox 20 "Hang" in this one. Straight acoustic and vocals. Grab that guitar, light a candle, play and sing for the Lord. The lead guitar plays beautiful melodies throughout and the lyrics are amazing. When he goes into the "Hallelujah" chorus the song just glows. This song moves me in ways no other song ever has.

This CD is a must. Jeremy Camp is a true talent and I am thrilled that he is singing his praises to the Lord as opposed to MTV and the TRL generation. Actually, it is sad that his music isn't hitting that crowd because they would all benefit. His message is amazing. He has the look, skills, talent, songwriting ability and voice. That that "Christian" label off and the secular world would jump all over this kid. All good. I'd rather keep that Christian label on it all day long and consider this one of the most moving spiritual CDs I have ever owned. I cannot wait to take in one of his concerts and my dream would be to join this band.

Jeremy, if you're reading - I've been playing for 15 years (acoustic and lead) and you inspired me to quit my secular band for a higher calling. Thank you.

Posted on 02-12-2003 by Unregisted
This is by far the best CD that I have ever bought. I must of lisitened to it 50 times in the past 4 months that I have had it. Even my non-Christian friends love the CD. Jeremy's voice is absolutely amazing and he just makes you want to sing along. Everyone needs to know that this CD is a must for any collection.

Posted on 02-26-2004 by GuitarDrumr4G
Stay was definitely a great album, but personally, I fell in love with CARRIED ME * The Worship Project. I think it's awesome because I've used a lot of the songs with the praise and worship group that I play with. I wish more artists would come out with albums like that. I give Stay a 9 and CARRIED ME * The Worship Project a 10. Great CD.


Posted on 02-27-2004 by Unregisted
I think Stay is his best album. its great. i wish i could have gone to his concert in CO. i heard it was awesome. none of the bands that played directed it more to worship then themselves.

Posted on 02-27-2004 by Christ-is-Love
Awesome cd, I got it personally signed by J. Camp himself cuz he was actually at my church! yay! Now I wanna go listen to it again, it's been a while. My favorite has always been "Understand", it just really pertains to life's aspects and hardships and how God can help us through it all, because He understands it all (exactly what we are going through, because He's been through it), and that with and through Christ all things ARE possible and we can get up on our Feet again and just Trust God to lead us always, because of the Cross He died for us on and now we can carry the Cross through life...or somethin' like that, lol..

I also like "One day at a Time", "Walk by Faith", and "I still believe", but overall they are all pretty good. I gave it an 8, because I am a tough critic. ;)

Posted on 03-01-2003 by Xkcer Man
Why don't you have this CD? Go out and get it right now!

Posted on 03-06-2003 by Elduderado
This CD rules!!!! Songs like take my life and one day at a time sound just like nickelback. Lyricly, however these song blow nickelback away. Every song has a clear message and purpose. My fav. is in your pressence, an awesome worship song. True worship is of the heart, not the lips.
In christ,

Posted on 04-05-2003 by rotj4
This is a stellar album. It is now one of my favorites PERIOD. My favorite tracks are All The Time, Understand, One Day At A Time and TAKE MY LIFE which is a scorching rocker. A good part of this album is fairly heavy but there are some softer songs which really shine as well. (I STILL BELIVE being one)

Posted on 04-11-2003 by punker15
great cd! i give it a 9.

favorite songs: understand, stay.

halfway through, it has the touching song i still belive.

awesome cd! go buy it.

Posted on 04-27-2006 by Ebony&Ginger
this CD, as well as all his others, rocks!!! :yep: Jeremy is among my faves and I've been to a concert, trust me, he's just as good live, maybe better!! lol his music rocks!! it has really been helpful to me whenever I listen to it. :clap:

Posted on 05-24-2003 by NobleWard
If you do not have this CD, go and buy it this minute. Sign off the internet and go to the closest music store and demand this CD. Or just switch over to ebay or something. I don't care how you get it, but get it.

Jeremy Camp is a great artist and this CD shines. He is truly an annointed song writer and singer. Each song on the CD is truly amazing, each with it's own style and texture. Some are harder, some are softer, others are pure worshipful. Once again, buy this CD.

Posted on 05-24-2006 by Iceman-bass14
THIS CD IS AWESOMENESS!My faves of cd are Walk By Faith,Stay,One Day At A Time,Breaking My Fall,and Take My Life.Simply put IT ROCKS!

Posted on 05-29-2003 by IndoGuy
the music is really good but I am not to keen on Jeremy Camp's voice...I give it a 6.

Posted on 05-29-2003 by Xkcer Man
I think his voice gets a little out of control on Take My Life, but everything else is great.

Posted on 06-11-2003 by Unregisted
Absolutly Brilliant! Jeremy Camp shows a great flexibility in his guitar playing and singing playing songs ranging from Rock to Worship Ballads. This is a wonderfull cd! Go buy it Right Now

Posted on 06-20-2003 by africa
This CD is one of the most incredible albums I have ever herd. And Jeremy's voice is out of this world. I can't really choose a favorite song. If you don't have this CD you MUST get it.

I give this CD a 10+ :cowgirl:

Posted on 06-20-2003 by Sean
[QUOTE=Xkcer Man]I think his voice gets a little out of control on Take My Life, but everything else is great.[/QUOTE]
What does that mean?

At first listen I thought his music sounded very derivative, but I keep listening to it so he must be doing something right. He isn't breaking any new ground, but his songs are strong and he does the genre well.

Posted on 06-20-2003 by Xkcer Man
The pseudo-yell in the chorus just kinda bothers me. It doesn't sound natural for him.

Posted on 06-20-2003 by africa
I think that really enlightens the song. Jeremy could pull off pretty much anything and it would sound good.


Posted on 06-20-2003 by Sean
In the context of the album, it does seem a bit out of place since its the only thing like that on the album. As a stand alone song, it seems perfectly natural, to me at least.

Posted on 06-21-2003 by Xkcer Man
I still like the song, but yelling just bothers me a little bit.

Posted on 08-12-2003 by alienyouthron
This is by far THE BEST cd i ever got! I was blessed by Go in ALL the songs. My favs tho in this CD wud b: Stay, One Day At A Time, I Still Believe, Take My Life, Right Here, Understand & Beaking My Fall. My overall fav wud have to b Stay cuz i get so into it that i even start playing air guitar in the train while listening to it.

Posted on 08-15-2005 by matt j t
this CD is sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 08-29-2004 by mikeman4-christ
Incredible!!!!! I love take my life its so awesome!!! as soon as i heard it i turned it up and wanted to sing it and play it on my guitar!!!
10 10 10!!!!!!

Posted on 08-30-2003 by aga_xris
this man has earned my respect!!!! give em the ol 10! 10! 10!... WOOOHooo@@@... YEAH

Posted on 09-07-2003 by jimmy_cocopuff
Canes305 was right on. This is a must have album!!!

Posted on 09-26-2004 by abreathofgod
This i a cd from my favorite artist' Jeremy Camp'. This dude is awsome. Ive been a fan for about two years now. He is so awsome. He has such a heart for God. I had a pretty messed up life, and when I heard this cd I was just overwellmed with joy. I felt happy, good, and alive. I hadnt felt that way for like two or three years. His music brought me closer to God and still is at this very moment.He is uch an inspiration. I love playing this cd on the guitar. I can play like all ongs but , let's see, three of them. I also like his newest installment, Jeremy Camp: Carried Me " The Worship Project". This cd is my fav. We use his songs from Carried me in my youth band. We have so much fun playin these songs. I cant wait for his newest cd coming out November 16th I believe. I 4got the name but I heard two of the songs at one of his concerts. He sounds so cool live. They even rocked out Beautiful One. :eek: :o :duh: Well im gonna stop bragging for Jeremy . I give this and his Cd, Carried Me. a perfect ten. If I could rate higher i would.10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Posted on 10-02-2004 by VanillaPancakes
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Jeremy Camp rocks my face off! He responded to God's call to praise him despite the hardships he was facing. No idea how old this CD is, but it's as good as french fries! TOTALLY BUY THE CD!

Posted on 10-28-2003 by Unregisted
this cd is definitley the best one i have if you have it now go out and get it! every song rocks! his voice is amazing and hes even better in concert which is hard to believe! and to Xkcer Man... his voice in take my life rocks and the yelling (and compared to some bands its not really yelling) is what makes it awesome... that probably the best song on his cd ...and to Indo Guy.... a 6?! his voice is awesome!!... he has a worship cd coming out feb. 3 and in the fall his own new album... so definitley get both of those! god bless

Posted on 10-30-2003 by shortyduhop3
Jeremy Camp ~ Stay

The Sound- Post-Grunge pop with acoustic flare

The Similarities- Jeremy borrows from alot of great references including Creed, Matchbox 20, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews Band, Nickelback, and a little Led Zeppelin.

The Skinny- Jeremy definately sold me on this disc with the songs that I heard before I bought it. He pumps out some great tunes, however he could still use a little work on originality and creativity. My advice: Buy this Disc!

The Stars- 9 (out of 10)

The Songs & Stories- I'm sure everyone has heard the story behind Jeremys life. It's almost right out of a movie(think "A Walk to Remember".) While leading worship at his church a few years back, he fell in love with a girl named Melissa and shortly thereafter they began dating. They eventually separated because Melissa had said she needed more time with the Lord and that He was preparing her for something. He, broken-heartedly continued to grow in his work, and more in love with music. Later, Jeremy found out that Melissa had ovarian cancer. The two pledged their love for the other and were married, despite the large possibility that Melissa would die. She held a positive attitude and was strong in the Lord until the day she died. Jeremy's short marriage to her tested his faith, and he definately learned alot about trusting God from the experience. So, technically, Melissa had a very large influence in what was written in Jeremy's album, "Stay".
When I first heard Jeremy, it was through a friends downloaded(illegally no less :)--) song "Understand". It was one of the most catchy songs that I have ever heard. The vocal sound of Creed's Scott Stapp along with Nickelback's guitars was something that definately got me interested. From there, I heard "I Still Believe", the first radio single, as well as "Take my Life", a hard rocker on one of the "Ultimate X" cds. I then bought the disc, expecting the same heavy Creed-like rock, and I think I did have greater expectations for the album than what I actually recieved, but do not get me wrong; this disc is almost flawless. One of the best new cds of this year. It starts out with "Understand", with the words, "I know You understand it all/ So why dont I get back on my feet again." This is related to his relationship with Melissa, and the pain, despair, and grief that was in his heart after her death. Then comes "Right Here", my favorite song. It has the same sound as Matchbox 20, and actually I thought I was listening to the MAtchbox 20 cd when I heard this. Alot of Jeremys songs are the same,...the albums only flaw. The songs, "I Still Believe", "Understand", "Walk by Faith", "One Day at a Time", and others all carry the same message which is basically summed up in "I Still Believe": "Even when I dont see, I Still Believe." It doesn't help that some of the songs also sound the same too,...all with a steady 3/4 time rock ballad. "Take My Life" and the beautiful, Matchbox 20-esque "In Your Presence" are 2 of the best songs I think he has written, and "Breaking My Fall" was very catchy. "Take my Life" especially reminds me of Nickelback, as does "One Day at a Time", as they both pound on the same guitar effects that Nickelbackk does. "I Know Your Calling" brings out the Lifehouse of Jeremy and it definately spoke to me after hearing it. As I said before, the only thing wrong with this cd is that it all sounds too much alike. Albums who's songs tie together thematically, and albums who's songs sound the same are different. Jeremy has a great voice, an excellent backing band, and some of the best vocal and guitar effects that I think I've ever heard in a rock artist, apparent in "Stay", "Breaking My Fall" and "Nothing". I do believe that Jeremy is very talented, however I dont see a ton of effort put into this. All these songs were written by Jeremy, with influences, no doubt from God, Melissa, and Dave MAtthews, who Jeremy said was the one who inspired him. I like it!

The Summary- This is a very catchy album, that Christians are eating up because they have been waiting for a post-grunge artist like Creed, that has some guts and whos not afraid to stand up. Jeremy's message is clear, and he his words point straight to Christ, he doesn't talk in riddles leaving people wondering exactly what he means. I think that is that quality that makes me enjoy this cd the most. He mixes several artistic styles together, however he wont be able to do it forever, since the post-grunge sound is everywhere now, and people are soon going to be tired of it. I'm sure that Jeremy's recent marriage to Adrienne from the disbanding Benjamin Gate will help him expand into more styles musically and hopefully more ideas lyrically. "Stay" gets a thumbs-up from me, and I can't wait to meet Melissa, the woman who had such a great effect on this great disc. To anyone out there,....Buy this one. :)

Posted on 11-18-2003 by forevermercy
All I have to say is AMEN!!!!
Well maybe that's not all I have to say. I have had this CD for about 6 months and I am still reeling from this awesome CD. I first heard of Jeremy when I saw his video for "Understand". Then I heard "I Still Believe" on the radio. I wasn't sure why but I knew I had to get this CD (I really don't like Creed or Matchbox 20 and I don't even know who Nickleback is). I am more of a Grits and Out of Eden fan but I fell in love with Jeremy's music the second I put it in my CD player. Then I read the awesome story behind "I Still Believe" (I cried for a good week) and I became a bonafide Jeremy Camp fan. I have to say Adrienne is an extremely lucky woman. I pray my future husband has a heart after God like Jeremy.
I was pleasantly surprised to find the different music styles on the CD. You go from pop to praise to rock. I normally would gag to hear a song like "Take My LIfe" (especially the screaming) but I have to say that is one of my favorite songs on the CD!! I can't wait to see the video. Ironically the very next song is "In Your Presesnce" (a beautiful praise song) and I use that in my personal worship time. "Right Here" "I know Your Calling Me" are the only lacking songs on the CD and they are still good enough to be radio worthy. My favorites are "Understand" "One Day at a Time" "I Still Believe" "Take My Life" and "In Your Presesnce". I am a CD-holic and in my opinion this has to be the best CD I have bought all year. SO GO GET IT ALREADY!!! !10+++!!!!!

Posted on 12-06-2003 by Unregisted

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