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Skillet - Ardent Worship (Live) (2000)

Average User Rating: 9.36 out of 10
Total votes: 11 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. Who Is Like Our God
2. Your Name Is Holy
3. How Deep The Father's Love For Us
4. Jesus, Jesus - Holy And Anointed One
5. We're Thirsty
6. Jesus Be Glorified
7. Sing To The Lord
8. Angels Fall Down
9. Safe With You
10. Shout To The Lord

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Posted on 05-02-2004 by Jimvee
It's definitely the best "worship" cd I've ever heard. (yeah, i hate that term too) Also the best live cd I've heard. The songs flow perfectly; the transitions are seamless (something you really begin to appreciate after being in a worship band). The whole cd reeks of a passion for worship and a high standard of musicianship. I reccomend this cd especially to the people who don't really go in for the "worship" stuff because it's slow and boring. They really rock out on some of the tracks.

Posted on 05-24-2004 by Brian-Alexander
i should probally get this since i like skillet so much. they rock!

Posted on 07-02-2003 by Asax217
This is a good worship Cd. For my favorite Cd's though i like Invinsible, then Alienyouth. This is one of the best worship cd's though. If skillet ever see's this, I want to tell John and Correy(i think thats how yo spell it)Cooper Congratulations on your new baby. Also John, I love your green and purple bass. I look foreward to seeing it every year at Spirit West Coast! This is a good Cd. I would definitely buy it i didnt already have it!

Posted on 08-28-2003 by bobthecockroach
This is an amazing CD. Overall a very "modern worship" feel to it (as much as I hate that term because worship is NOT a style of music). Skillet can be incredibly soft and incredibly rocked out and they do both well on this CD. A lot of spontaneous instrumental parts plus a few prayers/Bible readings. The tracks flow together perfectly (which should be obvious seeing as it's live). The band showcases great musicianship on this CD and their passion cannot be denied. Their versions of the songs they didn't write are some of, if not the, best I've heard (especially "How Deep The Father's Love For Us"). The songs they wrote are awesome. I'd recommend this CD to almost anyone.

Individually speaking.. (though I can't remember all their names)

John (lead singer/bassist) does great. His voice is as smooth as ever and he sings with passion.

Guitarist does a wonderful job. The instrumental part after "Angels Fall Down" is BEAUTIFUL.

John's wife does a great job on keys and with background vocals. They sing well together.

Lori does an AWESOME job on drums. w00t, you go girl! :p

Overall, I give it a 9, it is one of my favorite CDs.

Posted on 09-15-2003 by Visirale
This CD is great. The original worship stuff is great. I spent hours writing chord charts so the praise band I play in can do them. It's fabulous sounding for a live record. It's really awesome when they play worship songs at concerts, and the whole audience goes from head banging and all, to just woshiping God...

9 out of 10.

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