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Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall (2002)

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1. Spin
2. Wash
3. Sky Is Falling
4. Anchor
5. Am I Ever Gonna Find Out
6. Stanley Climbfall
7. Out Of Breath
8. Just Another Name
9. Take Me Away
10. My Precious
11. Empty Space
12. The Beginning
13. How Long (bonus track)
14. Sky Is Falling (bonus track - acoustic version)

Posted on 02-28-2003 by Galatians_Grace
"It's a very physical record," Jason explains. "It's about moving forward. No Name Face was about accepting the place where you are and trying to figure out how to get beyond that, but not really knowing how. This one is more like, 'I know how to do this, so I'm just continuing to go forward, take the good with the bad and keep moving.'" -Jason Wade
The first album (no name face) was very great lyrically and musically, with a great worship song (everything), and I thought that it couldn't be outdone. But it has by this latest one (stanley climbfall), which lacks orchestral flavor, but more than makes up for it with rich songwriting and poetic lyrics. The songwriting has improved greatly from the first album since lead singer Jason Wade recently rediscovered Nirvana (lead by the late incredibly talented songwriter Kurt Cobain), which shows through in the chrords structures and overall emotion that the songs convey; not the depressing emotion of nirvana but the exucution of the emotion, you know what the songs are about when you hear them. Jason Wade is also very talented in being unpredictable in his music, yet appropriate in context of his lyrics; which undoubtably has developed more from Nirvana's music. It's encouraging to finally see GOOD christian songwriters like Jon Foreman and Aaron Sprinkle, and that are too good for christian stations.

In this album the other two band members have had a chance to be involved more in the songwriting process, as written on the website ([url][/url]), "Jason's creative principles remain a cornerstone of Lifehouse's material, but this time bassist Sergio Andrade and drummer Rick Woolstenhulme have been more fully integrated into the overall sound, putting a robust flesh-and-blood structure around Jason's searching words. "We had more freedom to experiment," says Sergio, who founded the band with Jason back when they were neighbors in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills. "We knew what to expect this time. We understood how the process worked. That allowed us to take more charge of things and focus on how to really make this our own."

The music on the distinction between songs on the album will sound very, well, indistinct the first time you hear, but the more you listen it's amazing how distinct the songs become. My suggestion is to listen to the whole album through, and then try listening to songs 3,4,6,8,9,11 and you will see the distinctions (how many times can I say distinction distinction distinction, oops, sorry.), my personal favorite song on the album (in the world) is 'Sky is Falling' (song 3 and 14), and it seems to be Jason Wade's favorite too because it has an acoustic remix at the end of the album. It might become the next radio hit, too. Probably more so on christian stations just like 'Everything' from 'no name face'.

Hope you've enjoyed this review, even if I couldn't stick to one subject the whole time, there's just so much to say about this incredible album. And if you like this album you might also enjoy these (CH means christian): Waiting Room, by Poor Old Lu(Definetely CH); Nevermind, by Nirvana(not CH); Human Clay, by Creed(Definetely not CH); Wonder What's Next, by Chevelle(CH); Kutless, by Kutless(Definetely CH). My biggest recommendation is 'Wonder What' Next' by 'Chevelle' from sony/columbia music, and the song 'The Red', they have wonderful vocals and they're one of the best hard rock evolutions out there beside Kutless(CH), Evanessence(CH) and System of a Down(not CH).

My name is nathaniel white and you can e-mail me with comments at [email][/email]. My favorite Christian bands are: Poor Old Lu (broke up a few years back, and now has a new album called The Waiting Room, go buy it!), Lifehouse, P.O.D., Evanescence (song 'Bring Me to Life' in the new movie 'Daredevil'. And if you're wondering what the heck that means: evanescence (ev'e-nes'ens ): a dissipation or disappearance like vapor), Five o' Clock People (broke up :( ), Relient K (new album coming out in march I think, titled 'Two Lefts Don't Make a Right, but Three Do'), Switchfoot (new album in stores now called 'The Beautiful Let Down'), Grits (new album out), Five Second Silence (little known band with a new album coming out this year. Make 'em famous, and go buy it!), Luxury (make them famous, too!) and last but asolutely NOT least 'Earthsuit'! (new independent album coming out later this year!! GO BUY IT!!). My favorite artists who don't know God's grace yet: NIRVANA!!!(DEFINITIVE ALTERNATIVE!), SUM 41!!! (DEFINTIVE PUNK!), Sytem of a Down, Millencolin(DEFINITIVE PUNK, TOO!), Green Day. Remeber Jesus died for them too. Keep them in your prayers.

[url]http://www.EVANESCENCE.COM[/url] Read their biography!

Posted on 03-03-2003 by bennie_05
Very good cd. Nothin else to say

Posted on 03-28-2004 by 2ManArmy
I think I gave it an 8 or 9. Not as good as NNF, but definitely an awesome album. Additionally, I think they grew in their talent, as the lyrics and music go very well together.

Posted on 09-09-2006 by heisouronlyhope
I have only heard a couple of the songs off this CD but what i've heard I liked.

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