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Tomlin, Chris - Not To Us (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.67 out of 10
Total votes: 21 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 9

1. Everything
2. Enough
3. Not To Us
4. Wonderful Maker
5. Famous One
6. Come Let Us Worship
7. The River
8. Unchanging
9. Come Home Running
10. Overflow

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Posted on 02-16-2003 by lwcroslow
Great CD....

My only complaint is it's a little heavy on effects on some of the tracks for my personal tastes... but just at the beginning of the tracks. The worst offenders are "Overflowing" and "Come Home Running" but once I'm past the intro they're my favorite tracks on the CD. I would reccomend it to anyone... Great worship songs.

Posted on 03-18-2003 by futuregovlesa
I just want to say that Chris Tomlin's music has truly inspired me, and has helped me to worship in a totally new way. I go to a Christian University, and we have chapel 3 times a week, during which at least one Chris Tomlin song is played. He is truly blessed by God, and we truly appreciate him! My favorite song is probably "Unchanging", or "Enough", but there are SO many good ones.

Posted on 03-29-2003 by IbanezAW
Amazing CD, it definitlly has a few worship songs that will be played for a long time...listened to it non-stop for the first 2 weeks!! BUY IT!!

Posted on 04-18-2005 by Muyheang Thor
I really love these songs. Because when I listen to it I feel no more pain, sadness or angryness. But I would feel so pure, clean, happy, and no worry. They're beautiful songs. Please, keep showing up!!! He loves what you're doing. You're(chris) a special one that He taking care of yesterday, to day, and forever...

Posted on 05-24-2004 by NotToUs
I love this cd. Not To Us is my favourite song (hence my name)

Posted on 05-24-2004 by Hopeful
[QUOTE=NotToUs]I love this cd. Not To Us is my favourite song (hence my name)[/QUOTE]

Ditto on Not To Us, the song. I highly recommend this CD.

Posted on 06-13-2003 by mugen76
pure genious. i have led some of these songs in our congregation already and it's been a blessing to our worship ministry. in particular: enough, famous one, not to us and come let us worship ...:thumbsup:

Posted on 07-21-2004 by mmggppmgp
THis is a Pretty good CD, awesome praise and worship....

Nothin bad to say....

i giv it a [SIZE=6][COLOR=Navy]9 [/COLOR] [/SIZE] :angel:

Posted on 12-03-2002 by IAmCrossEyed
I have to say that this is one of the best worship albums that I have bought in a while.

Every song has a meaning in of itself, but can be transformed by your own experience. Tomlin does that intentionally, I think it is genius.

Great CD!

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