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Twothirtyeight - You Should Be Living (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.9 out of 10
Total votes: 10 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. Modern Day Prayer
2. The Sticks are Woven In the Spokes Again
3. Forty Hour Increments
4. Romancing the Ghost
5. That Sad and Holy Glow
6. Step Into the Light
7. Sad Semester
8. I Pretend to Choke
9. Rhythm and Blues
10. The Bathroom is a Creepy Place...

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Posted on 01-08-2003 by brettheinz57
This is an incredible CD from start to finish, these guys never seized to amaze me, they have been truly blessed. the riffs they pull of are truly unique and just blow my mind. I don't know how they do it, and once agsain they end the CD in tru Twothirtyeight fashion with the strange, "The Bathroom Is A Creepy Place For Pictures Of Your Friends." I you get the opputunity, see them live, I did abot a month ago, and they put on one of the best shows i've seen i years.

Posted on 04-11-2005 by Crazy_Pants
I agree that it's not quite as good as Regulate the Chemicals, but it is outstanding. I suggest that anyone pick them both up. :clap:

I would have to say that they are the second best band I have ever seen life (second only to Squad Five-O, whose stage presence in incredible). They are (or were, r.i.p.) so tight musically when they played, and since their stuff is so complex, that's quite an accomplishment. It's unfortunate you never had the pleasure.

Posted on 04-11-2005 by DreamChaser

Awesome album by an awesome group. It gets a 9 from me.

Posted on 04-15-2003 by SoccerAaron
Is this the one with "I'm totally deprived. Buried alive. Couldn't save myself to save my life" song?

Posted on 12-16-2003 by roguenine19
[QUOTE=Aaron Parsons]Is this the one with "I'm totally deprived. Buried alive. Couldn't save myself to save my life" song?[/QUOTE]
Yeah, that's Modern Day Prayer.

This is a good CD, not as good as Regulate the Chemicals, but still good. I wanted to see them live, but they went and broke up. Oh well. We've still got the CDs :D

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