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Joel, Phil - Bring It On (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.13 out of 10
Total votes: 8 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 7

1. Resolution
2. Return
3. The Man You Want Me To Be
4. I Adore You
5. Passing Angel
6. All So Good
7. Move
8. No Longer
9. Fallen In Love
10. Take My Heart

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Posted on 01-11-2003 by ForChrist
I feel this CD is a very good Christian rock CD. It is moving, and from the heart. It is about the power of Christ in Phil's life and re-dedication, and it quickly became one of my favorite CDs. The songs are put together well, and actually turned me on to Christian music when beforehand, I really didn't have an interest in much of the Christian music out there and dismissed it as being poorly mastered or as just not having enough connection with my musical tastes. This CD is as much upbeat and "turn-it up rock-n-roll" as it is mellow and introspective at times. I am thankful to God for using this artist to energize people, and inspire those who are seeking Christ and in Christ!

Posted on 01-11-2003 by Jay42
I haven't heard it yet but now I wanna go listen and then maybe I'll remember to come back to this thread and post my rating.

I do always hear that Phil Joel is a great guy and has an excellent sense of humor/humour. Everyone who gets to meet the Newsboys always comes back saying what a fantastic attitude Phil has.

Posted on 01-18-2003 by Mugga Please
i wouldnt think this cd is as good as his first one "God is watching over you" i dont get your hopes up that its gonna be another one like that. It is a good cd tho...i've only listened to it like once so i still have to listen a few more times for me to get used to it. But its a pretty good buy

Posted on 01-25-2006 by powerchordguy
I really like "The Man You Want Me To Be". I haven't listened to the whole CD, but the first 4 are pretty good.

Posted on 05-03-2003 by bluejay
For me, "Bring it on" by Phil Joel is the best cd that came out in 2002 (Thrive is an exception:)). The words to the songs are uplifting! Phil's life with God is well reflected in the lyrics. Even though this cd has been out for quite a while I can't get enough of it :) God bless Phil!

Posted on 05-31-2003 by OneWithTheMud
Bring It On is so much better than the first Phil Joel CD. I didn't like the first one at all but this one is ok.

Posted on 08-11-2003 by bmcneal
Great disc. All songs are great, especially, "Resolution", "No Longer" and "Return". Now if I could just figure out how to play "No Longer" on Bass....:rolleyes:

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