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Delirious - Touch (2002)

Average User Rating: 7.61 out of 10
Total votes: 18 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Touch
2. Love Is The Compass
3. Fire
4. Alien
5. Angel In Disguise
6. Rollercoaster
7. Show Me Heaven
8. Take Me Away
9. Waiting For The Summer
10. Stealing Time

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Posted on 01-13-2005 by Unregisted
I don't have this one yet but I hear it's pretty good.

Posted on 01-23-2003 by luke23.34rocks
How could this have been given a 4???
I admit first listen I didn't like it, but when I really listened I loved it. Best album yet!

Posted on 01-23-2003 by slap_j
I think I have their previous album.

Posted on 02-05-2004 by Jonodude
This gets a "ten" from me, even if it's just for "Stealing Time". I love this song.

EDIT: Err, can someone change my vote from "10" to a "7" please? I've since heard the "Audiolessonover" album and it [i]is[/i] much better. That is the one that should get a ten from me. ;)

Posted on 02-12-2003 by MobMan924
Did I hear that sombody gave this album a 4? Whatever!
I have King of fools and it rocks!(10!) I won Touch from a local radio station and it ROCKS even more than KOF!
Tha slip cover is cool to.;)
11 out of ten!!
Cant wait to see them live!

Posted on 03-04-2003 by forevermercy
I just got this CD and I haven't really gotten into it yet. But that is the thing with Delirious? You don't like it the first time you listen but once you get into it, it becomes your favorite CD. Keepng that in mind i have given it an 8. I don't think it is thier best CD. I'd say after Glo I was a littel disappointed. There was more love songs on the CD then thier traditional worship. BUt it is a good CD, especially the second CD. And the CD-rom was cool too.

Posted on 04-01-2003 by fineputinpogo
most of Delirious' mainstream rock is hard to get into at first, because it is VERY british. BUT, do not throw the cd away after first listen. the title track on Touch is just a preempt of the quality of every song on the cd, including the lyrics that the incredible martin smith writes. whoever said they were going to see them live is in for TREAT AND A HALF. i just saw Delirious perform at Acquire the Fire in greensboro, nc. i drove 13 hours both ways to see just them perform and they put on the show of the century. DO NOT MISS A CHANCE TO SEE THEM LIVE. they only appear in the US for a few dates at year, if we are so fortunate. i repeat, SEE DELIRIOUS PLAY LIVE AT ALL COSTS. it cost me 26 hours in a car and over a hundred dollars for the weekend, but it was well worth it!

Posted on 05-26-2003 by Jared
The original European version, [i]AudioLessonover[/i] was much better. [i]Touch[/i] appeared without "Bicycle Gasoline" (the best song) "There is an Angel," or the hidden track sung by Stu G. "Love is the Compass" and "Waiting for the Summer" have been remixed. AND they added that TIRED old d:song "Touch."

I would've given the original a 9, but the American release angers me.

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