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Mercy Me - Spoken For (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Total votes: 18 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 7

1. The Change Inside Of Me
2. All The Above
3. Spoken For
4. There's A Reason
5. Come One, Come All
6. Crazy
7. Word Of God Speak
8. Your Glory Goes On
9. The Love Of God
10. Go
11. All Because Of This

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Posted on 03-01-2003 by Opie
When I saw this album in the stores I wasn't exactly sure if they could pull off one as great as the first so I got it and listened to it...and listened to it...and listened to it and I have to say they pulled it off it is equally as good or better than their first album! buy it!

Posted on 04-02-2003 by tfoose
Mercy Me did it again. I play the CD constantly. Love all the songs, #7 "Word of God Speak" is a hit with me. :D

Red Horse Project

Posted on 05-07-2004 by Brendini
I think this album should have gotten a lot more hype than it did. Everyone's always talking about MercyMe's first album, [I]Almost There[/I], especially their song 'I Can Only Imagine'. And don't get me wrong- it's a great album. But you never hear anything about [I]Spoken For[/I]. Why is that?
Songs like 'Crazy' should have been topping charts just like 'I Can Only Imagine'. But they didn't. They did, however, top charts in my book.
Overall, the CD is a little too slow for me; I'm more into an edgier sound, which is why I love their newest album, [I]Undone[/I], which came out in April 2004. But there are a couple stellar tracks on the CD, especially 'Crazy' and 'All The Above'. Their songs are still incredibly inspired, moving testimonies. Another great album by a great band.

My rating: 7/10 -not upbeat enough for me, but if you're into slower music, get this CD and it will be your new favorite album of all time.
My verdict: Powerful lyrics in a package a bit more mellow than [I]Almost There[/I]. Again, you will love this if you like slower music. If edgier is your style, like mine, get their latest album [I]Undone[/I], which sounds eeriely like Casting Crowns.

Posted on 06-05-2003 by aga_xris
i've only heard mercyme once before and i thought they absolutely rocked... but anyways... our praise and worship band bought this cd... and i was supposed to listen to it to tab it and stuff... i love their music... sooo modern :kcool: ... and yet it doesnt fall short when it comes to passion . they really give it... i especially love spoken for, crazy, there's a reason, word of God speak... amazing folks! :kspin: ... i recommend this cd for EvERYONE!

:D :D :D

Posted on 07-20-2003 by Brian-Alexander
word of god speak is cool!

Posted on 11-08-2004 by RockerDud3
Outstanding C-D, it has the best songs ever! I give it a 10

Posted on 11-10-2004 by Unregisted
i think that this cd is incredible! i love it. i especially like the songss. all the above. crazy. the change inside of me. and so much more. they really made a hit with this cd. i recommend it to all the people that love slow music. :) and there are some moderate tempo-ed songs in there. its a greatt cd and soon i'll get my own copy!

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