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Nouveaux - And This Is How I Feel (1996)

Average User Rating: 8.4 out of 10
Total votes: 5 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. Nice
2. Maybe Tomorrow
3. Simply Beautiful
4. Never See The Day
5. You Breathe
6. If Only...
7. Larisa
8. Listen
9. Through Heaven's Fields
10. I'll Cry Too
11. Wonder
12. Chasing Shadows

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Posted on 02-25-2004 by neal's_beard
I like that one also very much!
My favourites are 'Simply Beautiful' and 'Maybe Tomorrow'. These songs force you to sing along. I think the harmonies are changing quite often. That makes the CD interesting.
Is there a CD were I can find 'Red, White, Black & Blue' on?

Posted on 03-03-2003 by bennie_05
Wow i noticed there are no reply's to this. This cd absolutely ROCKS!!! THey don't have the big name but they really do it up right. If you get the chance check them out. You'll be sorry if you don't

Posted on 06-14-2003 by Jay Tea
This band is high on my list of "Bands I Wish Were Still Around." The funny thing is, I can't point to any specific reason why I like this CD so much. The bass lines are very good, but nothing else really stands out to me. The lyrics are pretty cliche in a few places, but that never bothered me that much.

Posted on 12-20-2003 by saved_man4eva
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]This CD is powerful because the song listen is like a testimonial to me. Its really dear to me because God allowed me to bestripped down to nothig and when I realized I had no where to go I then prayed to him and I told him to take over and now its like I ned him like the air that I breathe. The whole song is basically talkin about me word 4 word and there othere Cd we Believe is also powerful.They seemed to have a strong relationship with God because I can really feel it in their music. and if anyone knows wher I can buy one ofthere CDs please tell me.[/[/SIZE]FONT]

Posted on 12-25-2005 by Unregisted
Hi there,
My boyfriend gave me a copy of their Album just a couple months ago and I feel deeply in love with this band. I have never in my entire life ever witnessed such a beautiful work of art. I love the lyrics, the sounds, the harmonies, everything. They take the feelings of an average human and make them beautiful. Definitely worth the money, if you can find the album!!

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