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Burlap To Cashmere - Anybody Out There (1998)

Average User Rating: 8.44 out of 10
Total votes: 18 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Digee Dime
2. Eileen's Song
3. Basic Instructions
4. Chop Chop
5. Anybody Out There
6. Treasures In Heaven
7. Skin Is Burning
8. Divorce
9. Good Man
10. Scenes
11. Ancient Man
12. Mansions

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Posted on 01-08-2003 by codyofthejungle
jump back 5 years.and you'll see a new band of "upstarts" promising to be the next big thing.well they obviously weren't the next big thing.but they were good at what they won't find anything theologically deep,you wont even find anythign remotely haveing anything to do with the word deep.but atleast i found enjoyment.
most of the songs are just plain fun,even if you can't figure out what in the world steven delopolous is rambling about.most of their lyrics to the average listener seem insanly nonsensical.but the music itself,it doesn't just jump out and grab you,but's good.the musicianship on this album,upon further analysis,plain rocks.the guitars and are insane,the percussion outrageous.i call it greek rock.imagine caedmon's call+salvador.and that's what B2C might sound like,if they were still around.overall a good album,and while maybe not the thinker album,it hasnt left my cd book for the past 5 years.

Posted on 03-03-2003 by bennie_05
Pretty decent cd. I'd buy it.But then what does my opinion mean?

Posted on 04-13-2004 by Brian-Alexander
one of the only cds i have that are in the "B" section. this is a good cd.

Posted on 04-14-2004 by Art
I wish I had this disc, so that I could listen to it right now. I miss it. 8

Posted on 08-23-2006 by 10cStoreProphet
Can't believe you guys have a thred for this! I loved this album but only one person I know has heard it!

I give it a 10...

Posted on 09-11-2003 by Ted Logan
LOVE this CD. I wonder what they were talking about in some of the songs, though. "Digee-digee-digee-dime-dime"

Posted on 09-22-2003 by PKfanSteph
These guys have musical talent in aboundance! This is a fantastic CD!!! I love listening to it and they are certainly unique in the CCM genre. I would agree the lyrics aren't the stongest point, but I don't think it detracts from the entertainment value (and there is a lot of that here!). This is some great music!!!! It's a must-have! I'd love to see these guys team up again!

Posted on 11-28-2006 by thesteve
amazing guitar work on this album. I really enjoyed it. I give it an 9 just for the guitars.

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