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Chevelle - Wonder What's Next (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.65 out of 10
Total votes: 43 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 25

1. Family System
2. Comfortable Liar
3. Send The Pain Below
4. Closure
5. The Red
6. Wonder What's Next
7. Don't Fake This
8. Forget
9. Grab Thy Hand
10. An Evening With El Diablo
11. One Lonely Visitor

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Posted on 01-03-2003 by ONEILLGIRL15
I was so impressed with this whole CD. Chevelle is a really gnarly band, all of the songs on this album are all awesome and the lyrics even more powerful. When you know a band is when you can relate to the lyrics and I have with Chevelle. So keep up the good work boys! Come to Oregon to all of Medford can see you guys play!

Posted on 01-09-2003 by SoccerAaron
ONEILLGIRL15: When you know a band is when you can relate to the lyrics and I have with Chevelle

They are great!

Posted on 02-03-2003 by Sean
5 reviews for this album and zero for point number one, FOR SHAME!!!!

I miss the Steve Albini production of Point #1. That record really felt different. The songs and music weren't that different from this album, but the production makes all the difference. Point #1 sounded unique. It sounded very raw and heartfelt. This record sounds like every other band out there. Point #1 screwed with you a bit. The quiets were real quiet and the louds were real loud. The new record keeps a constant volume like every other radio band out there. The idea of dynamics is kind of lost when the distortion is the same volume as the quiet. Dont' get me wrong. For a radio rock/metal/whatever record this is pretty good. I just miss the good ole days.

Posted on 03-01-2003 by FIFbaby
I love this cd

I was gonna dance to the red, but then i got hurt.

but i still love that song.

and i love comfortable liar.

Posted on 03-10-2004 by Unregisted
The Spirit of Chevelle- definitely an inspired album...One capable of both moving me to tears in one track, as well as to Joy in the next!
Keep it up guys, your music has had a tremendous influence on my life and I appreciate the gift!

Posted on 03-17-2005 by Unregisted
[QUOTE=Underhill]I gave it a 9. It's really great, except for the last song.[/QUOTE]

i can't believe you didn't like the last song the whole cd was AWESOME

Posted on 03-25-2003 by DrGonzo81
I really want to like this band. They just don't grab me though. I tried. They just sound too much like lots of other bands.

Posted on 03-27-2004 by BereanatHeart
This is one of my favorite cds, this one of my favorite bands, THEY ROCK!!!

Posted on 04-11-2003 by meatfinger
They're OK, I suppose. Not bad. A lot of their songs sound the same, though. I like The Red and Comfortable Liar, but it's not very original.

Posted on 04-24-2007 by Dreadsk8er
Great band, especially for only 3 guys, but, why are they labled Christian? Hasn't any one heard them say F*CK yet?!

Posted on 04-24-2007 by Sean
[QUOTE=Dreadsk8er;2887799]why are they labled Christian? [/quote]
Because their first CD was put out on a Christian label.

[quote]Hasn't any one heard them say F*CK yet?![/QUOTE]
That automatically makes them non-Christian? Wouldn't a better argument be that they've never claimed to be a Christain band, they don't affliate themselves with Christianity, and their music doesn't contain distinctly Christian lyrics?

Posted on 04-24-2007 by DKelly
[QUOTE=Dreadsk8er;2887799]Great band, especially for only 3 guys, but, why are they labled Christian? Hasn't any one heard them say F*CK yet?![/QUOTE]

They never claimed to be a Christian band in the first place. Being on a Christian label does not mean a band is a Christian band.

Posted on 04-25-2007 by Jonodude
[QUOTE=DKelly;2888188]Being on a Christian label does not mean a band is a Christian band.[/QUOTE]

Gee, I can't imagine why anyone would jump to that conclusion. :-/

Posted on 09-01-2003 by Eddo
[QUOTE]lyrics even more powerful. [/QUOTE]

I fail to see how they are powerful? Most of them(songs) are a meaningless mess... they remind me of Project 86 in that sense.

Granted I really like the cd.. very good... and yes it sounds similar to other bands. .but its still very unique sounding. Kinda like a dark person who thinks all white people look the same.. or vice verson a white person who thinks all dark people look the same.. once you start hanging around them though.. you can see the diff.. Just like Chevelle.. if you listen to a lot of heavy stuff you can hear how unique they are in comparison to other stuff.

Posted on 09-11-2004 by isshedeadyet?
I brought the cd. It's pretty good. Though I never really became a big fan. though I still like em. just not a big fav.

Posted on 09-20-2004 by njsk8rboy
amazing love all the songs really a good metal/rock album a good combo of guitar riffs and bass the drumming is awsome

Posted on 09-23-2003 by Unregisted
I think Chevelle rocks. I heard on MTV that Chevelle didn't like the way this cd was being produced. O well. They still rock. I think their lyrics have deep meaning to to the lead singer Pete. You have to search. I think their lyrics make you think, just like Project 86. Anywayz I think they rock! Great cd

Posted on 09-23-2005 by chevelleman
I love this band they're just amazing . :clap: I give a big 10

Posted on 09-29-2005 by Unregisted
I give it a 10. I love his voice, especially when he lets the scream come through. He has a unique voice. The riffs are also proffesionally done considering its one guitarist. One thing i can't get out of the back of my head is why the song titled "An Evening With El Diablo". Listening to the song...the first impression i got was that he wanted to be like the devil becuase of the following statement "I wish I had your flaws". Either way this band has really progressed since their first album and I never get tired of this album no matter how obsessed i am about Hardcore music :D

Posted on 10-12-2003 by Visirale
How can you say this sounds like every other band out there? Let me tell you sonny, it doesn't. This CD is really good, very professional sounding. I like point number one for the fact that some of it sounds like it was recorded in a garage or something, and I like this because it's just so loud, and there. And if you've seen them play live, you know that they play everything ten times harder live.

For those of you saying that this is like another linkin park band, or whatever, I say this to you: Get a life. Listen, really listen. Listen to the intricacies of everything.

This is one CD I can listen to over and over, and still NEVER get tired of it.


Posted on 10-12-2003 by Mathaytace ><>
Just a question, could you guys tell me what "evening with el Diablo" is about?

Posted on 12-01-2002 by Underhill
I gave it a 9. It's really great, except for the last song.

Posted on 12-20-2003 by Chris Hodges
Chevelle caught may attention on a sample cd I received from a Miss Angie-Bleach concert.
They really have come far.
As a drummer, I find the drummer's licks,"Sam's" similar to mine.
I have tried to get the last two bands I have been in to cover some of these tunes.
To my dismay they refuse.
Its a pride thing, you see these groups are all about doing own music.
But sooner or later I will find the right mix of musicians that will consider the audience needs over their "inflated EGOS".

Posted on 12-23-2002 by SoccerAaron
I gave it a eight.

Posted on 12-30-2002 by Kori
I love this CD.
I gave it a 10.
I like every song on it, although the last one isn't as good as the others... still it's ok if you listen to it through..

My top two favorites are (in no order): The Red & Dont Fake this. I also love Comfortable Liar and Closure.

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