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Newsboys - Newsboys Remixed (2002)

Average User Rating: 7.57 out of 10
Total votes: 14 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 10

1. It Is You (UK Mix)
2. Joy (Let's Be Frank Mix)
3. Lord (Father B. Mix)
4. Million Pieces (A Million And One Mix)
5. Beautiful Sound (Below The Radar Mix)
6. Thrive (It That James Dancing? Mix)
7. Good Stuff (NYC Mix)
8. Fad Of The Land (Lounge Mix)
9. Entertaining Angels (O2R Mix)
10. Shine (YZ250F Mix)
11. Love Liberty Disco (All Mixed Up Mix)
12. Rescue (Helmet Mix)
13. Mega Mix

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Posted on 02-29-2004 by Jimvee
I hate this cd, I give it a FAT 1. Tons of repetitive, annoying, monotonous electronic "noises" is all the cd is. I gave the cd away at a gift exchange and my friend got it. Poor guy.

Posted on 03-07-2003 by OneWithTheMud
It's pretty cool. It's not something I'd listen to all the time but I like it.

Posted on 04-03-2003 by Skeeter
Great CD when your in the mood for something a little different in your Newsboys diet. The remixes are in general very good and polished. Good variety of styles represented. Still, it only gets a 6 because they just aren't new songs. Love listening to it though.

Posted on 04-04-2005 by jesusismydaddy
I've never really heard this album by the Newsboys, but I'd think that it'd be fairly good, I don't see that much of a point in remixes, but I've heard a fair few remix albums by other artists (such as Destinys Child), and they were good, just not as good as the originals in my book.

Posted on 04-04-2005 by 4 The Lord
Quote - "I hate this CD, I gave it a FAT 1. Tons of repetetive, annoying, monotonous electronic "noises" is all the CD is. I gave the CD away at a gift exchange and my friend got it. Poor guy." - End quote. DUDE!! :o WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS CD???!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!!? :confused: I really liked it and gave it a nine. 'Poor guy'?!?!?!?!? More like lucky guy, he got it for free! :) The only reason I didn't give it a ten was track number 8 and the fact that on most of the songs they do have a long electronic intro. Other than that, GREAT CD NEWSBOYS!!!

In Christ,
4 The Lord

Posted on 08-08-2004 by bmcneal
Some remixes, like "Entertaining Angels" and "Shine" are good, while others like "Good Stuff" are mostly electronic music with no words, rather than the songs themselves. Some good tracks, some that I don't like so much. Still, it's worth a buy for the really good ones.

Posted on 08-24-2005 by Unregisted
[QUOTE=Jimvee]I hate this cd, I give it a FAT 1. Tons of repetitive, annoying, monotonous electronic "noises" is all the cd is. I gave the cd away at a gift exchange and my friend got it. Poor guy.[/QUOTE]

I disagree w/you. I mean, sure, some of the songs aren't as good as the originals, but they are good songs. And not all the songs have "monotonous electronic noises". Imagine what Newsboys would think if they saw your comment. I give this CD an 8.

Posted on 08-24-2005 by Napoleon17
I got it for ten bucks. it was the worst ten bucks I've ever spent. It's not that bad, but it's pretty bad. it was very monotonous. I say was, cuz I never listen to it anymore. the prime example of this cd's stinkiness is the it ts you remix. the guy says "the lord is my sheperd" like 104 times until the song actually starts. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I gave it a 4 because I'm a nice guy.

Posted on 09-08-2005 by Joseiy
This is the cool go around in your car bass booming Newsboys. Only cd you can do it with. The only one!

Posted on 12-01-2002 by Mugga Please
my friend has this cd and i listened to a few songs and its not all that great. I mean...a remix of a song or two on like a greatest hit cd is kinda cool cause its new and stuff. But a whole cd of remix's...? It was sorta wierd. Its like 5 mins of effects before the words even kick in. I suppose you might get this if u had a youth night and want some good music just to play to dance to...other than that dont put this cd on the top of your list.

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