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Supertones - Hi Fi Revival (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.07 out of 10
Total votes: 27 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 9

1. Superfly
2. Brand New Thing
3. Welcome Home
4. Hold On To Jesus
5. Go Go go
6. Let It Go
7. Just A Man
8. Attitude
9. Perfect Love
10. Fire
11. Birth of Uncool
12. Go Your Way
13. Radio Plays
14. Forever
15. Glory Hallelujah

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Posted on 02-23-2003 by tonyterusa
This is a cool cd but it is not the best one they made.

Posted on 02-23-2003 by FIF FK
I agree, its definitly not there best. Its an awesome CD, but I still think that Strike Back was there best ever. And Adonai is there best song ever.

Posted on 04-05-2003 by Jonular
If you don't have this CD, you must go get it right now. There are many catchy songs. It's deserves a 10 (and I don't give out 10s often).


Posted on 06-07-2003 by Val the Bunny
woohooo supertones! they get a ten. this cd is awesome- really bouncy and fun, but also comes with a great message. :D

Posted on 07-26-2003 by maestro7
Well, I'm all for the 'Tones' old sound, but this stuff is incredible too. =)

Superfly: I'll confess I didn't like this when I first heard it, but it's grown on me no end. :)

Brand New Thing: Lyrically one of their best ever imo. It certainly describes how I've felt. The music fits nicely with what they are saying.

Welcome Home: Excellent music, and some really encouraging lyrics.

Hold on to Jesus: A slow one! The lyrics are what count in these types of songs, and this one leaves little to be desired.

Go Go Go: One of the most encouraging songs ever written. :)

Let It Go: I love the lyrics and the music isn't far behind.

Just A Man: One of the highlights of the CD. Absolutely brilliant, if a pain to play at times.

Attitude: Another highlight, and incredible fun to perform.

Perfect Love: Another one that grew on me rather than me loving it at first glance (pun not intended). Cool. :)

Fire: To be honest, I hate his screaming. But the lyrics make up for it. Mostly.

Birth of Uncool: Lyrics that describe how I feel from time to time. This happens a lot with Supertones stuff. :)

Go Your Way: Another favourite with brilliant lyrics. Music feels but doesn't sound repetitive.

Radio Plays: Finally a song on this issue! Very accurate, with cool music.

Forever: Another really encouraging song, which I'm still working out music for. Variation for each verse can be a pain. :)

Glory Hallelujah: Plain fun. :)

Overall rating: 10

Posted on 08-04-2003 by Michael
much different from their others...but they still do a bang-up job. :D

Posted on 12-01-2002 by Mugga Please
Great cd. If you love that old supertone pure ska sound and dont really like their 'newer''re not gonna like this cd to much. But they have been trying to re-create themselves to reach a bigger audience and did an awesome job w/ this cd. The one big thing i've noticed is ethan luck and his guitar is everywhere. But the lyrics are awesome (like always) and the songs are still original.

Key songs: superfly, welcome home, Go Go Go, Radio plays

Posted on 12-10-2002 by pboddy
Hi-Fi Revival is a must buy album! Of course it is a change from the old-school ska style from the first three albums, however the new style is still great and the lyrics are challenging and uplifting. I give this and all the other Supertones albums a 10!

Key Songs: Welcome Home, Superfly, Let It Go, Birth of Uncool, Radio Plays, and Go, Go, Go.

Posted on 12-27-2002 by MJ_Avalanche
Hi-Fi Revival is probably the Supertones best work away from their ska-rock roots. Once again their lyrics are the best part with the songs being very uplifting and encouraging, and yet Ethan's axe keeps on rockin' through every single song! Gotta love this album!

As said before, if you don't like the 'tones' new sound, you won't like this.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Key songs: Superfly, Welcome Home, Fire, Radio Plays, Glory Hallelujah.

...the songs are still original.

Not entirely... Lyrically, yes, but musically, a couple of the songs are just redone versions of older stuff. Such as Welcome Home, which was actually written for "The Blues Brothers" and was in the movie at that big "concert"... Anyways, I ramble... Check this CD out... It's worth it!

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