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Redman, Matt - Where Angels Fear To Tread (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.54 out of 10
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Total comments: 6

1. Amazing
2. Blessed Be Your Name
3. Befriended
4. When My Heart Runs Dry
5. Making Melody
6. Call To Worship
7. Rejoice With Trembling
8. The Promise of Your Cross
9. Wonderful Maker
10. Lord, Let Your Glory Fall
11. Where Angels Fear To Tread

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Posted on 05-11-2003 by JammerBoo
yall are all talking all sorts of good stuff bout this album...I might have to go out and buy it...I would burn it, its just that something dont seem right about burnin Jesus CD's

Posted on 08-08-2002 by Kkisjjang

I realize many ppl in this forum likes rock/alternative/etc. christian band and that includes me also.

My review: Matt Redman did it again. You all should check out his new album since it includes great songs both worship and for other purpose. Loving it till this moment. :)

Posted on 09-06-2002 by GloRevealed
There is much power and grace throughout this CD. Each song is like a sweet sermon that speaks to your heart specifically. Matt Redman's music is something that cannot be explained or likened to other worship leaders. The power behind Mr. Redman's songs as well as many Christian artists, I believe, is that they are rooted in scripture, often quoting from it directly. Then the music becomes a door for the living word of the Lord to speak to us. God has truly annointed this CD, the songs in it and the man himself. Listen to it with an open heart, maybe God has something to tell you. Songs I specifically am blessed by: Rejoice with Trembling, Blessed be Your name and Where Angels Fear to Tread.

Posted on 09-13-2002 by UncookedRamen
People who loves praise & worship, you absolutely NEED to get this CD!!! I only got it yesterday but have been playing it nonstop wherever a CD player was accessible--in my car, my friend's house, my parents' stereo, at work (with headphones on of course or my boss will get mad). I've been a fan of Mr. Redman's music--since "Heart of Worship"--but IMO, this is his most anointed album yet. Some of my favorite tracks include: "Blessed Be Your Name," "Befriended," and "Lord, Let Your Glory Fall." There's no doubt that these will be sung regularly in churches soon. In fact, last week my church sang three songs from this CD but I wasn't even aware of it until today. "Call to Worship" seemed unconventional at first but after I carefully read the lyrics, it totally blew me away. I could actually picture a multitude of believers clad in white robes marching up the mountain while singing/chanting this tune in perfect unison. I wish I can say something about every song on this album (because they're all good) but you guys will just have to find out for yourselves. What are you waiting for? Go buy it.

Posted on 10-25-2002 by leaderofworship
This is one of the best CD's Matt has ever put out...
This album was put together with a lot of passion. Songs like "Blessed Be Your Name", "Amazing", and "Wonderful Maker" just simply prove that exact point.

If you haven't already bought this CD....go to your nearest CD store and buy it right now! I gave this album a perfect 10!

p.s. if you like Matt Redman's style...then you'll also love Tim Hughes!!!!!

Tim is an amazing worship leader. He has a heart for God and passion for leading others in worship. I had the opportunity to be lead by him at a converence (YC 2002) in Newfoundland, Canada. It was just amazing!

This site should have a few reviews on Tim's album. His album, for those of you who want to know, is called "Here I Am To Worship"...named after an amazing song called "Here I Am To Worship", which is one of Tim's amazing songs.

Posted on 11-29-2002 by BowoW
what an amazing cd... every single song is an encouragement to get closer to God.. to build upon your relationship. It gets you hyped to praise God... which is allllways awesome :)

*have you guys heard the "hidden track"?*


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