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Kutless - Kutless (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.19 out of 10
Total votes: 118 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 56

1. Your Touch
2. In Me
3. Run
4. Vow
5. Pride Away
6. Down
7. Again
8. Dry
9. Tonight
10. This Time
11. Saved
12. Grace and Love

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Posted on 01-14-2005 by Unregisted
Ive had their CD for a while now and it is still awesome. Ive pretty much memorized the whole CD.


Posted on 01-21-2003 by OnTheEdge
I realize I'm echoing what everyone else has already said, but Kutless ROCKS! If you're looking for a Creed/Nickelback sound with no-compromise lyrics about Christianity and what it is all about ..... get the CD! There isn't a bad track on it.

Posted on 01-21-2005 by Unregisted
Grace and love hit me so hard that i fell deep in love with god he is my first and only love Kutless has and awesome sound it just hits ya and the lyrics fit it all awesome keep it up kutless you guys cut it in my book

Posted on 01-23-2004 by yoshi139
Kutless is an awesome band and this CD is awesome too. I love all of the songs on it, it is definitley one of my favourite CD's. I had the chance to see these guys live at Soulfest, and let me tell me they are amazing live, they sound awesome and they put on quite the show, if you don't own the CD you should, and if you get the chance to see them live, take it.

Posted on 02-10-2003 by jude
all i have to say is, "WOW"

and , just because they sound a bit like some other bands doesn't mean they are a copy. not everyone is going to have w sound that is entirely unique. think of all the bands out there.

Posted on 02-15-2004 by nullifygurl
i love kutless .. the reason why i do because we as christians can relate to our daily struggles .. their songs from again. dry.. pride away.. vow.. and ur touch.. has a really deep message that all christians go through the same situation and i love the heavy metal! so extreme so hard for Christ!

Posted on 02-19-2004 by Jesuschick
I'm totally stoked for their new album to come out! I don't remember when it's supposed to come out.. maybe it already did, but it should be a good one!

Posted on 02-25-2004 by Jesus freak!!
There new cd came out today Feb 24. Kutless RULES

Posted on 02-25-2005 by Unregisted
this cd is absolutely awesome!! i have now seen them twice~i've taken my teenage kids to see them 2 yrs in a row and i think they are great!we had the chance to meet them and jon-micah sumrall(lead singer) wished my daughter happy birthday on her 16th b-day!! these guys are for real with their message and with their lives living for God!! you won't be disappointed with the music or the message,because they ROCK!

Posted on 02-25-2005 by MJ_Avalanche
I'm glad I voted 7 on this one originally... but I'd like to vote lower... maybe a 3 would be good for this. I put it on just for kicks a couple days ago... What a bad CD. Lyrics are waaaaay cheesy, and the music is BORING as all get out. The only song I halfway managed to enjoy was "Again", but the lyrics, melody, and chord progression TOTALLY didn't fit together. The rest was just as bad and worse.

Final conclusion, unless you really dig these guys, don't waste your time.

Posted on 02-29-2004 by fender_andy
I'm going to go and see Kutless here in San Diego on March 23rd. Got my ticket and everything!

My band covers Your Touch - easy to play but so musical.

Posted on 03-15-2004 by Unregisted
seriously your bro's in Falling Up? They rock!!!

Posted on 03-22-2004 by nullifygurl
man i went to their concert in Irvine on March 20th and they rock!!!

Posted on 03-23-2004 by fender_andy
Man - they had a good show Sunday night here in San Diego. One of their guitarists had some technical problems with his amps, but it was all good!

I got some pictures of them - check 'em out.


Posted on 03-24-2004 by Jimvee
Good cd. Not quite my style, but awesome lyrics. Music's kinda unimaginative and repetitive at times, but, hey, it's good stuff. The lyrics really make the cd though. Sea of Faces, their new cd, is even better, you'll definitely wanna check that one out. Oh, and does Falling Up have a cd out yet? I heard "Broken Heart" on the sampler cd i got with Sea of Faces and liked it, so if anyone's got some info on them I'd appreciate it.

Posted on 03-28-2005 by Unregisted
I love Kutless! They are my favorite band!!!! I love all there songs! Especially Sea of Faces! Jon Micah Sumrall is sooooooooooooo hot!!!!! When i got the CD i listend to it for like an hour! Krista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 04-04-2005 by jesusismydaddy
I've got to say that these guys are on of the best Christian Rock bands I've heard, if not they are one of the Greatest Rock bands that I've heard.

Like with DC Talk these guys are helping to shape the Christian Rock genre, these guys have put a new height to the term Christian Rock. And what makes them even better is that they are varied they don't just do the same type of song with different lyrics over and over again.

These guys rule.

Posted on 04-05-2005 by DKelly
You are correct in saying that.

Posted on 04-05-2005 by underOATHrcks
Yeah i really like kutless 2. i was impressed with this cd for being a first cd from the band. a few great songs on this one with the rest being above average. Your Touch is the best song.


Posted on 04-10-2003 by Heavy C
WOW, 10

Posted on 04-10-2003 by Heavy C
I saw these guys at The Go Show with The Swift Audio Adrenalien adn MercyMe..

I think KUTLESS blew The Swift away...adn the only reason Is ay they didnt blow away AudioA Dernaline adn MercyMe is cuz they adh half the time those 2 gotta see KUTLESS in a headliner they're sweet.

I only knew Runa dn Your Touch and wow...they're awesoem..


Posted on 04-23-2004 by Unregisted
u know their song *run* on the 3rd track
listen to it, over and over
it made me cry, seriously
its that one song that just blows everyone away
and plus thier song *run* is top 5 CHristian songs
pretty amazing huh?

Posted on 04-23-2004 by Unregisted
[QUOTE=nullifygurl]man i went to their concert in Irvine on March 20th and they rock!!![/QUOTE]

o hey, i went there too, in the Calvary Laguna church...
haha i miteve seen you

-kpxmikey89 (AiM sn)

Posted on 04-30-2004 by lizwrenne
i was at their sea of faces tour a while ago and they were amazing. not many bands can fire up a crowd like kutless can.

Posted on 05-03-2004 by TFKfan
i saw Falling up, Kutless, TFK, and FM Static at my local theater. i live in Texas They are all awsome

Posted on 05-07-2004 by Contrabajo
First of all, this album IS very good. But if you like this, Sea Of Faces will blow you away. For one reason, this album's songs are a little better live, although I suspect that's only because the band is more familiar with them. "Tonight" is, without a doubt, the best concert-opening song ever.

Concert moment: I was at Agapefest last weekend(anyone who was there already knows what I'm going to say), and, if you're a sick, deranged Kutless fan like, me you know the little spot in "Your Touch", before the long instrumental, where there's about a 1 or 2 second pause in the guitar part. Well, okay, I'm probably the only one who knows where that spot is. Anyway, in that little pause, both guitarists threw their guitars over their heads in a circle. They went 360 degrees around, the guitarists caught them (With their hands in the positions to play the chord, no less), and just dove right into one of the more difficult guitar parts of any song they do.


Posted on 05-25-2003 by sixzirens
unimaginitive, come-in-a-box, rock. i couldnt get into this cd; all the songs start out the same. the lyrics are great, but they could have done a lot better musically.

Posted on 06-13-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
Great cd my fav is The Vow -blasting with great guitar and sweet background vocals

Posted on 06-17-2005 by audioafan
10! this is the most awesome debut album i have ever listened to (except mabe crashings). i would reccomend this cd to anyone who likes good clear hard rock music heavy on guitars. buy it right now if you haven't yet!


Posted on 06-19-2004 by Brian-Alexander
kutless rocks! they get a 10 on this one

Posted on 06-26-2003 by Mark
simply the best Christian cd i've EVER heard, bar-none. Powerful lyrics and great musically.

Posted on 06-26-2003 by God's Jedi
I agree, they are awesome. I was at the GO Show when it came here, and Kutless came out in all black, with matching black guitars. I said to myself "Oh no, they look like a death metal band." But then they started to play, and I was in awe. They played Run, and it was my second favorite song that night (only I Can Only Imagine was better). These guys are outstanding. The only song I don't really like is Tonight, which is almost an exact musical copy of Creed's What If.

Posted on 08-02-2003 by RelientK77

Posted on 08-11-2003 by bmcneal
This is a very original CD, with a refreshingly different sound. No generic chord patterns here. My favorite Track is "Your Touch". Don't forget to buy the DVD too, as it is only about $5.99 and gives you $4 off the CD (at least mine did).

Posted on 08-14-2003 by dying2live
aw i LOVE this CD, i think if it wouldn't have been for the awesome lyrics i would have tired of it oh so quickly, but they lyrics keep it alive...wooo i love kutless
i've been teaching myself "Grace and Love" on the piano, it's so pretty...haha and i'm sure as soon as i have it down it'll FINALLY be on sheet music somewhere..

Posted on 08-15-2002 by Mugga Please
this is an awesome awesome cd. great music great lyrics...if your into the rock scene go get this.

their web site (last time i checked) always you to listen to all the songs too. i think

Posted on 08-16-2002 by Oldiesmann
I have to agree. I first heard of Kutless on the sampler CD The Simply Groovy New Music Sampler (click here for more on this CD). The song was Again. I couldn't believe how good these guys were, and just had to buy the CD when it was released. I must say I haven't been dissapointed. This group is going to be really big. In fact, their first single, Your Touch, is currently #1 on!!!

Posted on 09-01-2002 by TrIbFoRcE
Oh my goodness! You all need to go out and buy this AMAZING spririt filled album. NOT ONE SONG stinks! God had a major hand on the production of this amazing cd. If you want the nickelback/softer lincoln park sound, but filled with the AMAZING grace of God, youll LOVE this cd! Go for it!

Posted on 09-01-2002 by zero the hero
Kutless is awesome, I live on Southern Oregon, and I think they are from around here. They played at a church around here like a month ago. They're awesome.

Posted on 09-02-2005 by Falcon-fever777
Oh Yeah these guys rock. I first got SOF then ST. When I heard this one I loved it. People say they get a little repetitive on this cd. Only on some of the choruses they do. Over all these are some of the best lyrics i have ever heard! I am not into the yelling but besides that, KUTLESS ROCKS FOR JESUS!! Can't wait for their fourth album to come out!! :D :rofl: :rofl: :D :rofl:

Posted on 09-03-2005 by Blckbeltguitar
Kutless, Sea of Faces, Strong Tower, They ALL ROCK!!! No question. I like you am looking forward to their next CD. I went to a consert on the 8-21 and Ryan played a little lead off of their next Cd and it was really cool!!! If their first three is any indication of what is to come... WOO HOO!!

Posted on 09-19-2003 by Andrew
I would disagree about them being a copy of anybody. While they may sound like someone else, the music they write is the music that they like. It is definitley an awesome CD though, I really recommend it. I gave it a 9, simply because I only give EXTREMELY exceptional CDs 10s, but they almost got a 10. Go buy it.

Posted on 10-10-2002 by Kayla
Hey. uh yea. Kutless is rad! And yea, they are from Oregon. 3 from Albany. James Mead graduated from my school my freshman yr. and two of the others graduated from there in 99, with my sister. My brother's band is friends with them, and Kutless helped them on their way to getting signed. They are getting a contract w/ tooth and nail now. their band is Falling Up, and they are just about as cool as Kutless. Anyway. KUTLESS ROCKS! :)

Posted on 10-12-2002 by Young Twig
I like Kutless, there good. I enjoy listening to them, but there a copy of Creed and Puddle of Mudd, etc. If you don't mind that, go buy it. Other than that, it's a great CD.

Posted on 10-18-2002 by PhatBoy
ok guys I saw this band in McMinnville at First Baptist in Tn. They rocked the hosue, even though there wasn't many people there. They have a good stage show and tons of energy that just bleeds into you. And having their good music doesn't hurt either. My favorite song by them is Pride Away. The rap on that is awesome. If you get a chance to see these guys in concert don't pass it up.

Posted on 10-22-2002 by OneWithTheMud
Kutless rocks! That CD is one of the best that I have. Your Touch, Vow, Down, Tonight, Again, and Pride Away are all great songs.

Posted on 11-02-2005 by guitarguy38
Man, how could you give this anything but a 10? Kutless is like the best band ever!

Posted on 11-02-2005 by Demon_Hunter
I wouldnt say, "the best",. But they are deffinately good. I like their music. Vow, and Run are the best off of S/T imho. :)

Posted on 11-02-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
[QUOTE=demon_hunter]I wouldnt say, "the best",. But they are deffinately good. I like their music. Vow, and Run are the best off of S/T imho. :)[/QUOTE]
Yeah I agree with demon_hunter, they aren't personally my fav but they rock, and I agree Vow and Run are probably the best off of their first album, my other favs include Your Touch, and the ballod Grace and Love.

Posted on 11-02-2005 by Muffinly
I find myself in the minority opinion again, and I would say this is one of the worst albums I have ever heard. In 12 songs they managed to bring up almost everything I hate about music today. It is extremely unoriginal, very shallow songwriting, and very overproduced and uninspired. I would not doubt that most of these songs are simply Aaron Sprinkle's creation. They are catchy, yes, but with no depth. The instrumentation is bland. They try to throw in random other styles besides the creed-copy sound, like with the rapping, but that just plunges it deeper into the bad music abyss.
Disagree as you see fit.

Posted on 11-08-2004 by newsboysrule
Good Album. Great Band.

Posted on 11-24-2002 by Ilove2ski
Hey. Kutless rocks as everyone else has already said. I live in Southern Oregon too, and I go to the church where Jon-Micah grew up and I also go to the same high school he went to.. that's where I found out about them. My brother was friends with him back in the day too, I think it's awesome how fast and far they have gotten so far. :ksmile:

Posted on 11-24-2002 by sugarwalla
Kutless is awesome.

And if you like them, check out Red Sky ([url][/url]). It's a little less hard rock but I know most the guys and it's an great christian influenced band. Seeing them live is amazing.

Posted on 11-26-2002 by Kayla
Hey! Last night I went to a Kutless concert here in Albany, Oregon. They played with Life By Faith (a great band that hopefully will get the recognition they deserve) and Falling Up. I hafta say, Falling Up was RAD! They did such a great job! And i'm not just saying that bc my brother is the bassist....They're really fantastic! Check out their website: [url][/url] ....
Kutless did really good too, but if you have their cd (which is exactly all that they play) it's like just standing and listening to your cd for an hour or however long. I hafta say I was disappointed that they didn't have any new songs. Anyway, Falling Up rocked! Watch them go all the way!!! Love in Christ!

Posted on 11-30-2002 by pentiumpooch
The Kutless Cd is amazing, It's one of the best CD's I've heard. I went to the concert in Albany, OR also, people were crowd surfing and goin nuts. Falling Up also played and rocked the house. I was in the mosh pit and i caught a Falling Up CD that was thrown out to the crowd, caught a broken drumstick from Kutless, and found a pick from Kutless on the ground afterwards, it was insane. The best concert I'd ever been to!

PS. Falling Up is amazing also, they are on there way, be looking for them in the future

Posted on 12-19-2002 by NobleWard
Kutless is a great band, and their CD is awesome. While not really, really hard they toe the line and keep their music very tasteful (Excessive Death Metal screaming is irritating, i.e. ZAO, Living Sacrifice, etc. Can't stand the vocals, but love the instrumentals). My best ("girl") friend even likes them, saying that the music is really her style, and in the past it has been a struggle for me to get her to really dig harder edge bands (Skillet, Pillar). She and I both really enjoy the band's vocals, myself enjoying the lead singer's (Jon Micah Sumrall's) vocal diversity and versatility, as he changes his style and tone from song to song. I also really like the fact that the band has two guitarists, a trait most post-punk era bands cannot boast of having, as the style seems to be to try and get as few band members as you can (3,2, and some day 'warning, personal opinion on approach' they'll probably get down to 1 or none as technology advances and eliminates any need for artistic vision...). All in all, great harder alternative sounds with good lyrics (while not artistically deep like 38th Parallel's per say, very straight forward and easy to read into) and a great message for every taste. A definite ten.

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