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Waterdeep - Everyone's Beautiful (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.33 out of 10
Total votes: 6 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 4

1. He Will Come
2. Sweet River Roll
3. Wicked Web
4. Whenever God Shines His Light
5. I'm Still Here
6. Hush
7. Stranger In This Land
8. Everyone's Beautiful
9. Go Find John
10. Confessions Of A Broken Down Man
11. Walls & Tall Shadows
12. Psalm

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Posted on 02-22-2008 by peteyfloyd
I bought this CD with 4 others in a CBD bargain bin collection. The 4 others made great coasters, but this is a true classic. If you want to hear raw music without all the slick studio tricks check this out !!!

Posted on 05-24-2004 by Lightknight
Waterdeep is awesome. Especially this particular cd.

EDIT: oh man, these threads are old. Is there a problem with me resurrecting these? I mean, they're on the front page and I just listened to all of Waterdeeps Cds to post reviews.

Posted on 09-26-2002 by evanwathen
You want to watch a movie of life, places, people, and get to know God and his mercies and amazingness with your ears. Look no further. This is your ticket. It is a great ride that flows from start to finish. Usually there are songs on CD's that I will skip because they are less than par than the other stuff. Not with Waterdeep. You can put in any of their albums and be wisked away to an enchanted land of great music. to check out some of their new stuff and preview the new albums check out; Launch the Waterdeep Media Player at:
You will not be disapointed
God Bless,

Posted on 11-11-2002 by Tyson
Whatever you miss about the upbeat side of To Chase Away The Birds is made up for on "Confessions Of A Broken Down Man" this may not be Waterdeeps best album, (A Whole 'Nother Deal is) but it's WAY up there.

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