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Keaggy, Phil - Inseparable (2000)

Average User Rating: 8.75 out of 10
Total votes: 4 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 3

1. Prelude
2. Chalice
3. Blessed Are
4. Inseparable
5. Litany To The Spirit
6. Motor Of Love
7. Still Waters
8. Carry Me Back
9. Real Life
10. The Seeing Eye
11. Headlines (Part II)
12. From The Beginning
13. Contemplate The Moon
14. Whose Heavy Heart
15. Inseparable Reprise
16. Shape Of The Journey
17. Little Star

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Posted on 04-16-2005 by Unregisted
I LOVE this album. I play it every day. I love the Beatles, and Phil's efforts to sound alternately like Paul, John, and George are GREAT. He is Phil and them at the same time!
The words are GREAT. The arrangements are beautiful. I love the reggae songs.
Whether I want music or spiritual uplifting, this album does it for me. :D

Posted on 06-11-2003 by Jonodude
One of my most favorite from Phil! Although that might not be saying much. Nevermind, yes it is. (Shows everyone his Phil Keaggy CDs)

The Two-Disc is limited-edition? Wow! Got that at Creation before he went on stage...even got to hear Inseparable.

Looking at the one-disc set I don't really like the way the tracks are arranged! Little Star last? :D (Course it could be just be liking the original)

Inseparable (along with the reprise) and Litany to the Spirit are favorites...

Posted on 08-02-2002 by PKfanSteph
This is a very different direction for Phil. It has more of a modern sound; not the kind of music I usually listen to but once I got used to it, I started to like it. The lyrics are deeper and more reflective than Phil has ever gone before. On the initial listen, this may not seem like a "guitar" album, but there are some real gems there if you sit and listen. "Chalice" is an outstanding song with absolutely wonderful lyrics, as are "From the Beginning", "Inseparable" and "Carry Me Back". One of the few things I didn't like about the CD was "Motor of Love", the Paul McCartney cover. It's a good song, it just doesn't fit this album.

I do have the limited edition two CD version of this as well. It has a bit "darker" feel than the WordArtisan release. I can't really say which I like better. I do miss "Headlines (Part I)" and "I See Myself In You". But while I (like most fans) have been waiting for a vocal version of "Paka" for some time now, it just didn't fit the whole feel of either version.

Some words of warning! The live versions of these songs are all completely different than the recorded versions, so if you've heard them live, you're in for a big surprise (though not an unpleasant one). If you've heard the Glass Harp versions of these songs, either from seeing them in concert or the Glass Harp Strings Attached live double disc, you may be in for a surprise as well. I love the dimensions bandmates John Sferra and Daniel Pecchio add to tunes like "Inseparable", "From the Beginning" and especially "Chalice" (which John co-wrote with Phil). I still really enjoy the album versions, but I thought it only fair to warn you.

Having said all that, Inseparable is a very good CD that gets better with every listen. I needed to give this a few spins before I really started to enjoy it as a whole, but it's worth the effort.

-- Steph B.

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