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Downhere - Downhere (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.65 out of 10
Total votes: 17 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 6

1. Larger Than Life
2. Free Me Up
3. Reconcile
4. Rain Coat
5. Great Are You
6. Calmer Of The Storm
7. Making Me
8. From Protest To Praise
9. Breathing In
10. So Blue
11. All The Reasons Why

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Posted on 03-04-2004 by Matt4JC
this is probably my favorite CD in my entire collection. It never gets old and both "Calmer of the Storm" & "Making Me" are in my top 5 songs ever. Definetly worth paying full price for, you will not be disappointed from beginning to end. "Raincoat" is probably my least fave song on the album, and I think of it as an awesome song! From the majestic "Great Are You" to the rockin "Protest to Praise" and "Larger Than Life" to the beautiful "So Blue" to the funky "Free Me Up" and to the hilarious "Rock Stars Need Money" this CD is awesome!

Posted on 04-30-2003 by Oldiesmann
I love this CD! My favorite song is "Raincoat", but all of the songs are awesome! I'm a huge fan... I post on the messageboard a lot and even have a special section on my board for them (it was originally a temporary thing to give downhere fans a place to post when the main downhere board was down, but people liked it so much that I kept it there).

Posted on 08-04-2002 by Tracy
This is an awesome CD, definitely my favorite! :D I love that they reference Bible verses for each of their songs, it helps to understand what the're about more fully. "Free Me Up" is an excellent reminder that this place really is not our home, "So Blue" touches on the depravity and sorrow of this world, but doesn't fail to point out the hope found in Christ. "Breathing In" portrays beautifully what we as Christians have to look forward to, and "All The Reasons Why" is just wonderful. "And we sing 'cause You are bigger than any reference we could make, and we dance until we're tired because we know Your name is great." Gotta love that. This CD has powerful lyrics, a fresh perspective, and great music. All in all, definitely deserving of a 10 in my opinion.

Posted on 09-19-2002 by FronzelNeekburm
They are a really good group. They come down to my church in California and do concerts. While they were playing I noticed that they do the same chord porgress for most of their songs. Afterward I metioned it to one of the band members (I can't remeber who) and he said "shhh, don't tell. " :D

My youth group was always playing it before and after youth group and on the way and back from camp. It was funny because everyone was singing along.

Posted on 09-26-2002 by gzusfreq
I was really impressed with this CD. I was expecting more of a 'rock' album, but what they have recorded goes beyond my expectations. I saw them live b4 I bought the CD, and they were great, but they were opening for another band, so they didn't get to play all of their stuff. They have a sound that is pretty unique to CCM. I can't wait till they release the next CD. I hope it's as good as this one is.

Posted on 12-02-2002 by Mark
I got this cd as a birthday gift, and was immediately impressed with it. I love their sound, and their lyrics really get you thinking. My fav. songs on the album are "Larger than Life", "Calmer of the Storm", and "Making Me". There are really No songs on the album that i dislike, its a great overall album.

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