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Joy Electric - The White Songbook (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.4 out of 10
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1. Chapter One: The White Songbook
2. Shepherds Of The Northern Pasture
3. And Without Help We Perish
4. The Boy Who Never Forgot
5. Unicornucopia
6. Chapter 2: Hunter Green And Other Histories
7. A New Pirate Traditional
8. We Are Rock
9. The Good Will Not Be Cloned
10. Chapter 3: As Children We Are Growing Younger
11. Sing Once For Me
12. The Heritage Bough
13. Chapter 4: A Frog In The Pond
14. The Songbook Tells All

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Posted on 03-12-2004 by Jonodude
I got this CD a week or two ago (along with "The Tick Tock Treasury") and they are both great albums. Most of the songs are about the frustration of being ignored in the music industry... even the most "lyric impaired" should be able to see it in the three songs that make up Chapter Two and "And Without Help We Perish".

Buy this CD if you like electronic music. Buy it if you want to "expand your horizons"! Great CD.

Posted on 08-05-2002 by thelitguy
The synth pop king (Ronnie Martin) has done it again, this time making it more artistic than ever. This was an album that he spent almost 3 years recording, and those three years certainly were not in vein. This is the best JE recording yet.

The album was written in the respect of being a form of Christian literature, which makes me wonder why he made the lyrics so hard to decipher. Here is a quote from the song 'the Heritage Bough'.."Greet me ice queen in spite favors, once sung by ravers reared on newsboys learned in Hungarian by greek historians."...what the heck is that supposed to mean? The way Ronnie sings the words, they almost seem as if they are just supposed to be part of the song's melody.

The music is still just synths, no drum machines, no samplers, no traditional instruments...just synthesizers from the 70s. The music has a progressive approach this time around, which makes for almost all of the songs to be over 6 minutes (Except for the chapter introductions). The songs start at one place and end somewhere totally different, which I think takes great talent to do.

In closing, check this album out if you want to hear some truly original Christian music. Ronnie is truly inovative, support him and check this release out!

Posted on 11-17-2004 by Visirale
This is an amazing album. It's a lot more progressive than some of his other works... But I love his philosophy. One monosynth, that is a synthesizer only capable of playing one note at a time. No chords. Just seemingly endless layers of one note lines.

His lyrics are cryptic, but also devoid of cliches.

If you want to hear one of the most groundbreaking Christian artists out there, or even one of the most groundbreaking artists period, check this album out.


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